Nine Meals Away from Anarchy – A Doomsday Preppers Review

I was given the opportunity to once again preview an upcoming Doomsday Preppers show for National Geographic Channel - Nine Meals Away from Anarchy.  Of course before I even get the DVD in the player, I’m struck by the title: Nine Meals Away from Anarchy.  “Nine?’ I think to myself, “Heck I know some people if they miss one meal they’re ready to eat you alive! Okay… poor choice of words, maybe eaten alive isn’t appropriate for a prepper review, so let’s just say.., they aren’t very nice to be around if they miss a meal..

As the show begins, the screen opens to manicured lawns, nice expensive cars in the drive, huge homes and I think “oh my gosh, they’ve sent me the wrong tape! I’m watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!”  manicured lawn

But Mike Mester appears on the screen and I hear something being mentioned about civil unrest and global collapse and realizing I’m not in Kansas anymore, and calm down.  I was indeed watching a true prepper.  In fact, he would be the perfect prepper; along with his wife Lisa, the kids and the dastardly duo, Storm and Thunder (and no, those are not the names of his shotgun and rifle) if not for just a few small details. I mean they had the food provisions down to an art, gas supply and rotated, bags both for getting home and leaving home, and security, which by the way is where Storm and Thunder come in. They even made their own fuel! That was pretty cool. Now being a girlie-girl I must admit they had an awesome set up. But, being a prepper there were some flaws that would need to be corrected before Mike and his prepper family could be given the esteem award of “Perfect Prepper”.

radiationThe next concerned raised on the screen was radiation contamination. Although we all remember the horrendous events as they played-out after the tsunami struck Japan and the subsequent issues with the nuclear plants, I’m not really convinced that radiation is that huge of a threat for the U.S.  But what I am convinced of that is huge, is the amount of seeds that prepper, Preston White is collecting.  I didn’t even know there were 400 different types of corn! I only know of two, canned corn and corn on the cob!  But radiation or not, the great thing about the seeds, if they are heirloom is, you will have seeds forever as they re-seed giving you more to plant for the following years.

Now, for this next prepper, I will say upfront I am not a huge fan of living down under, and I’m not referring to living in Australia either.  Riley Cook has turned his livelihood of wielding into a preppers palace.  With concerns of a polar shift – I said shift – there are concerns about natural disasters that could change to course of the way we live.  What is up will be down and what is down – well for Riley will stay down.    

So, overall I would have to say this was an awesome episode of Doomsday Prepper, and in fact, I actually learn a few tips myself.  Yes really. Just sayin’

-  Survivor Jane






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