Book Review: 2012 Armageddon Unholy Alliance

How frustrating would it be to actually ‘know’ something that was so critical to our nation’s security and our well-being - something so sinister as to totally change; or possibly destroy for that matter, our world as we know it – and yet have it fall on deaf ear?  Not just any deaf ear though. The deaf ear of our own Country’s Department of Home Land Security – you know the agency that is charged with protecting us?

Events are going on in our world and yet most are oblivious to it. It’s called Normalcy Bias and we all seem to have it to some degree or another.  2012 Armageddon Unholy Alliance by Preisler Harrington covers a multitude of these events including human trafficking, backdoor oil deals, and germ warfare - all told by Jordan; newly employed with the Department of Homeland Security, placed on a task force whose main focus was on terrorism, child sex trafficking  – the not so pleasant matters, as a Criminal Investigator.  In the book, Jordan chronicles the discovery of an event that could bring our nation to its knees and her futile attempt at getting a listening ear of the ‘big-guys’ at the DHS before the dreaded “dooms-date’.

2012armageddonThe U.S. is being watched.  Many have recently jumped on the bandwagon of the “doomsday end-of-the-world 2012 prophecies” to cash-in.  The enemies of our nation could easily do this as well.  Think of all the “what-if doomsday scenarios” – like an EMP for instance. Our nation’s enemies could accomplished this simply by launching a nuclear weapon from far out to sea to create a total grid-down event and the inevitable societal collapse. Sure we prepare with skills, knowledge, survival items and gear, but what do we know about world events and the direct impact any number of these events could have on our future existence?

2012 Armageddon Unholy Alliance is not a how-to book.  It is an “uh-oh”  book.  It is a fictional book with real life implications.  Jobless families, multi-family co-habitation, job application rejections – most, if not all of us have been there or in at the least have known of someone who has.

Read how a family ‘survives’ the unimaginable… a terrorist attack on our Country.

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