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camo high heelsCan I ask you a couple of questions?

What would happen to you if a disaster were to strike tomorrow?

What would happen to you, if someone tried to break into your home, and harm you and your family?

I think it’s fair to say that we would all try to survive in any situation.

But do you really have the knowledge, skills and physical strength to meet these situations and/or disasters head-on to take care of yourself and your loved ones?

Not too long ago, I was like a lot of you … I had no clue as to what was going on around me.

I consider myself a 'girly-girl'.  So my main focus was always on bling and things (guess it stems from my desire to be a princess as a child *grin*)

In the past, the closest thing to looking at a newspaper was on Sunday when the department store sales-flyers came out.

And I might catch a second or two of the nightly news, but that was purely by accident while searching for my favorite TV shows.

I had no idea what was happening in our world, or about the weather, the crime and social unrest due to the ever worsening economy.

I lived in a nicer neighborhood in my city.

But, three nights out of the week sheriff helicopters were now circling overhead with their search lights on the streets below due to an increase in crime. In fact, several people had been shot and killed in robberies at what once was the "nice-little-upscale-neighborhood" mall.

For me, the last straw came after two people who had just robbed someone at gun point attempted to car-jack my car as I exited a downtown parking garage - that was the day my eyes were opened to just how unsafe my world had become and I realized I wasn't in Kansas any more ... okay Florida (details) ... either way, it was not a safe place for me anymore. 

This is when I began to educate myself on how to better prepare. survivorjane 2a

I looked up the definition of SURVIVOR: -  to remain alive or in existence; -  to carry on despite hardships or trauma; to persevere, and - to remain functional.

Thinking back to our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and even great-grandmothers  and great-grandfathers - this is what they did - they knew how to survive. It was a life-style.

Sadly over the last 100 years we have become a society of consumers.

So, unless you have experienced camping in the wilderness (the hard way in a tent - not in an RV with a shower, air conditioning and hair straightener) you probably don’t have the slightest idea how to survive in a situation where there is no food, no shelter, no protection.

It is for this reason and more, I created this web site - initially geared specifically for women (girly-girls) who were a lot like me not too long ago - but I have since branched out to women in all walks of life as well as men.

Those who thought they lived in a safe, cushy world, and thought that all the “bad stuff” only happened to “other people”.

This web site will cover topics on how to survive everything from disasters (man-made and natural), to pandemics, riots, economic collapse, home invasion, self defense, weapons, food storage and more …basically what you need to know to secure your home and protect yourself in any survival situation - peppered of course with a little humor so it's not so doom and gloomy.

I have learned through personal experience that survival is that gut-instinct where you tap into those bits and pieces of information mentally stored along life's journey.

Surviving is a mind-set.

This site is not about complaining, whining or crying. It’s merely about being prepared and understanding how to survive.

We all need to educate ourselves with knowledge and the necessary tools and skills.

I now wake-up every day to face the world as it is, and in any situation, make the best of what may comes my way. 

It is my hope that what I have learned, and the information I share on this website will help you to help yourself, as it has helped me.

My articles are not intended to be expert, legal or even medical advice - just one girl sharing with others to make a difference.

Just sayin'

- Survivor Jane

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