Ohhhh ... that’s why momma said that...  You k now ... stop running with that in your hand!’ How many times did you hear that as a child??? Too many times to count, I’ll bet?

At the time, we just chalked it up to … ‘Oh, that’s just what moms says cuz they don’t want us running in the house, period.

Now that we are adults (mind you, I said we are adults; not that we always act like adults) we know all too well why we don’t run with things in our hand. We know those “things” might actually end up in us.

Case in point. Think back on all the nightmarish stories we’ve heard of children who fall, stabbing themselves with the object they were holding. Like a pencil for instance? Blinding the child for life.

The injury is caused by force and the subsequent penetration of the object into the body. A pencil in and of itself is nothing more than a means to and end - to write. But used as a weapon it can severely injure.

Say you work late and are walking to your car, alone. You sense an undesirable (i.e. “the bad guy”) lurking in the shadows. Feverishly you cram your hand down into the bottom of your purse searching for anything. Your fingers come in contact with a familiar object and you bring it out. A pencil!

Freeze frame. Go back to the child scenario for a minute. Just holding a pencil is not going to injury you. It’s the force of running and falling- and the force associated with it- that injures you. The child runs, then trips/slips/or otherwise falls. At this point gravity takes over. The momentum of the fall coupled with the object in hand is what creates/causes the injury.

Curtain up. The undesirable rapidly approaches you. As he lunges towards you, arms out stretched, your fingers wrap tightly around the pencil. His hands reach you and in that split second you raise your hand and come down swiftly with the pencil into the side of his neck severing his carotid artery - now recreating the childhood injury scenario.

It is the force that caused the injury - not just that particular “weapon”. The force of the unsuspecting bad guy lunging at us increases the force of the pencil. His focus is on grabbing us, getting his hands on us. During this time is when we must do our part to get away.

Ladies, we have to rid ourselves of the mind set that we are no match for our attacker. By using simple items we carry with us everyday, we can cause serious injury to an attacker that can give us enough time to get out of harms way.

But it doesn’t have to be just a pencil. The weapon can be anything. With enough force coming at you, a bobby pin can be shoved into someone’s eye; a tube of mascara can be slammed into someone’s ear; and a comb can slice someone’s face wide open. The attacker will let go upon impact, if for no other reason than the element of surprise. Again this buys you the time you need to get out of harms way.

Take inventory of what you have in your purse. A phone? Dental Floss? Pen/pencil? Lip gloss/lip stick? Hand sanitizer/lotion? Hair clip? Cigarette lighter?

Now think about it. If you had your phone in hand and someone was rushing towards you, by out stretching your hand at the time of contact you can thrust the phone into his nose and shove it upwards crushing his nose. Or dental floss? Wrap the floss as you would in normal use, except using your hands instead of your fingers. Shove the string to the front of his neck and tightly cross your hands in back of his neck cutting off his wind supply. Hand sanitizer or lotion? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidently put my hands around my eyes after applying one of them. Enough said. That stuff burns like heck. Squirt that baby right into their eyes. And a cigarette lighter? You don’t have to smoke to carry one you know! While he is busying focusing on grabbing you … you are busy lighting the back or side of his shirt on fire. Burn baby burn.

The point here is this: use your attacker’s force and his own momentum against him, for you and your safety. A lone attacker is more likely than to only focusing on one thing, you. He is thinking beautiful woman and having his way with you. Turn the table, and you can have your way with him.

– Survivor Jane

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