Before my journey to preparedness began ... I would joke with others that the most exercise I would get in a day was walking to my mail box and back to get my mail - which by the way was at the end of a very short driveway!

Preparedness in survival means physical preparedness too.  And, the time to act on this is now.

Remember physical education class in secondary school?   Or, as some of us fondly remember it as - PE?   Oh and, remember the one piece gym suits?  Ugh!  Okay, sorry!  Didn’t mean to push the envelope here!

Back in the day, PE was a given not a choice.  And, like it or not, you did your daily jumping-jacks, sit-ups, and running in place – for me, out in the hot Florida sun.

Somehow we have gotten away from exercise - or possibly away from that horrible gym suit, and stopped exercising completely.

Well here’s some good news.  No, gym suits are NOT back in style ...

The good news is this, you can actually begin a physical fitness routine simply by incorporating those oldie-but-goodie exercises we used to do as a kid (what? like they don’t work on adults too?)   We all know the exercises.  And, once you get started they will help condition you and increase your endurance, strength, speed and, flexibility.

Ladies, let's face it, the majority of us have fallen victim to a soft, sedentary life-style.  If you don't believe me just raise your arm up like you were swearing an oath.  Now move your elbow back-and-forth swiftly.  See that stuff jiggle?

Most of us sit at work all day and only get up to make a random copy, go to lunch and/or to the bathroom, and then its back down again.   So, any form of physical exertion sends our heart rate racing like seeing Matthew McConaughey (okay you fill in the blank) on the big silver screen.  

To help combat this problem, start moving around more. Why not take a walk for lunch.  Or run the stairs instead of taking the elevator.  Okay, or take a walk for lunch (baby steps).

Just little changes in your lifestyle can make a world of difference.  Even when performing mundane tasks try to involve as many muscle groups as you can.  Like, reach for something instead of grabbing a foot stool to step up on (within reason of course – you don’t want your arms to be so stretched out they dragging on the floor!).

Before you begin your exercise regimen it would be prudent to consult with your doctor and while you’re at it, go ahead and get that physical examination you’ve been putting off.

Once you have developed your base strength, focus on muscle groups needed in a survival life-style.  Think, lifting, pushing/pulling and bending.  All of these require different muscle strengths.  If you don’t believe me – go out and rake the yard and pull weeds and come talk to me in the morning. 

Even walking can be a chore if you aren’t physically fit.  Should you be forces to get outta town by walking and your destination is 50 miles or more, wouldn’t it be prudent to have your walking legs ready?

Another thought is to rid your diet of those glorious little indulgents that you won’t have access to later and focus more on foods that will actually increase your endurance (I know what a party pooper.)

In a survival situation, you will be more physical than you probably have ever been in your entire life and hotter and colder.  Keep temperature in mind as well.  Don’t go out and run three miles and then plop down on a nice comfy sofa in the air conditioning. 

Take precautions now to all of these suggestions so that you will be better physically prepared later.

Remember: exercise is critical for your physical preparedness as well.

- Survivor Jane

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