Okay, so you’re on board – you’ve decided to join in on the Survivor Jane Go-Bag Challenge™. Yea you!

Now what?

beginning exerciseWell, first you need to understand the “e word” (exercise - eh I know) is NOT just physical.  It is also mental.  I don’t care what they say; none of us likes to exercise. Well I stand corrected, there are some – I’m just not one of them.  I do exercise however - to live - which in essence is what the Survivor Jane Go-Bag Challenge™ is really all about right? – living (surviving). So when you get your pretty little heads wrapped around that thought, it might just give you the motivation needed to put that bag on and start moving.  This is about preparing for our survival.

You’ll also want to consider talking with your doctor and/or healthcare provider.  Sure when the poo-hits-the-fan this will be a moot issue, but while we still have access to medical care it might not be such a bad idea to have yourself checked out. Hey your doctor might even hug you when he/she hears that you are going to begin exercising! Just sayin’.

Another part of exercise is being realistic in your goals. If you haven’t exercised in say … well let me put it this way, if the “e word” hasn’t been in your vocabulary in a long time (or ever) you need to start slow – really slow. It may mean just putting your go-bag on and taking it off again. That slow.  Starting slowly is critical. Case in point, you buy these great shoes and decide to wear them to an all-day event without breaking them in first (not good). Do you really think after that “wardrobe-fail” that you are going to want to jump back into those shoes anytime soon?  Ah - no. Same holds true with exercising. If you over do it, your mind (and body) is going to file those aches and pains in the “I’m not gonna do that again’” file. Then you’re defeated.

Warming up is also something you will want to do before you start to exercise. No not because it is cold outside – I’m talking about warming up your muscles for exercising. Do some stretches, running in place. This is not about physical exertion it’s about getting your muscles ready for activity to avoid a pulled muscle, ligament or strain. 

You need to set goals. Like, “I’m going to walk to my mail box, corner store or a mile and back every day.” As this goal becomes easier – increase your distance. Remember, if it’s easy you’re not working. This is all about conditioning, so when that dreadful day (or night) comes and we have to grab our go-bags it will seem no more foreign to us than grabbing a sweater to put on when it’s cold outside. It will be second nature.

As you know, I am all about social (I know, right!) and know for a fact ‘the more the merrier’ when you do no so fun things as a group! Huh? Get your like-minded friends and family and exercise together. If you do have to grab-and-go it will probably be with friends and/or family anyhow right? Well make it an evening family event. Kinda like an evening walk with weights. Tell inquiring minds you are training to scale the nearest mountain (or go for drama and name the highest mountain near you.) This will amaze them and every evening as your group passes by you will get that will look of awe and admiration for what you are doing. *grin*

Motivation is key and critical to your survival using the go-bag.  What better motivation than knowing you are prepared physically and mentally for whatever disaster may come your way and be able to transport the items needed to survive in your go-bag.

Just sayin’

- Survivor Jane






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