The Survival Group Handbook

survival group book

The Survival Group HandBook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People For a Short or Long Term Survival Situation

Paperback: 304 pages

Date Published: June 8, 2014

About the Book:

The Survival Group Handbook (formerly known as MAGS: The People Part of Prepping, see here for additional book reviews: is the first and most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of survival with others. It is designed to walk you through all the steps The Survival Group Handbook required to safely and securely find, and work with other people just like you who realize that going it alone in a dark world is not an option. This guide is the instruction manual and reference textbook for the solo survivor, family or national organization regardless of size or mission. By employing the hard learned lessons carefully researched in cooperation with many active groups, and applying sociology, history, law and threat analysis, the survivor will understand what makes a group work, how to build one from scratch, how to fix one that has become dysfunctional and where to put your group in a hurry. If you want to put a razor’s edge on your team, understand how to effectively lead people, increase participation, correct poor group dynamics, and be able to successfully operate under a multitude of conditions, this book holds all the keys to your success.

About the Author:

Charley Hogwood served 15+ years in the U.S. Army and the Florida National Guard. Trained as a reconnaissance scout his experience covers a wide range of specialties from tactical environments to Radiological/Chemical situations to complex human disasters As Chief Instructor and Executive Director for P.R.E.P. Personal Readiness Education Programs, LLC (, Charley is responsible for designing and teaching over 40 different courses in various areas of emergency preparedness and disaster readiness, as well as urban and wilderness survival. Currently he is pursuing a degree in Emergency Management to add to his extensive skill set. Charley also speaks at various preparedness events and provides private consultations to both individuals and mutual assistance groups. He lives near the Everglades Swamp in Southern Florida with the love of his life, wonderful daughter and his Brazilian Mastiff Rufus The Ready Dog who chips away at his sanity daily.

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