the last layoverThe Last Layover

The Last Layover

Kindle : 189 Pages

Date Published: March 23, 2014

About the Book:

The Last Layover is a fiction novel based on real places and potential scenarios where the comfort, security, and conveniences of our modern first world society quickly come to an end. Imagine yourself far from home when the world suddenly changes. Just think back to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and other such recent events, and you can see just how quickly society breaks down. Those situations even occurred with the nature of the emergency being confined to one specific geographic area, where help is just the next town or state away. Now also think about how that scene would play out if help was not going to come. What if those who you would look to for help had their own emergencies to contend with, leaving you and those around you to fend for yourselves? What about all of those modern conveniences of society like ATM’s, point of sale debit/credit card readers, cell phones, and the internet? What if it all went down while you were away from home? What about our food supply chain? How much food does your family have at home to get them through if the shelves were to go empty? How much do you have with you? Will it all go bad without electricity? Do you have what it takes to defend yourself and those around you when society takes an ugly turn and violence becomes necessary for survival? Those are a few of the things that this book helps you think about. In The Last Layover, an airline crew finds themselves on an overnight layover in New York City, far from their homes, when a series of events take place that bring our modern society to its knees. Join them as they face the dangers and difficulties of trying to make their way back to their homes and families in a rapidly deteriorating society, without our modern transportation and communications infrastructure, all while dealing with the lawlessness and violence that quickly ensues in a desperate and broken society. Discover with them the dark side that humanity can quickly take, as well as the good that can come from faith, family, and friendship.

About the Author:

Steven bird was born in harlan, ky in 1973, where he lived until joining the u.s. navy in 1992. he spent the next thirteen years living in northwest washington state, where he served on active duty for eleven of those years. after leaving active duty, he completed twenty years of service in the navy reserve retiring as a navy chief petty officer. while in the reserves, he pursued a civilian flying career, serving as a flight instructor, charter pilot, a turbo-prop first officer, jet first officer, and has been a jet airline captain since september 2007. he has served in both military and federal law enforcement capacities, and holds cfi, cfii, mei, and atp pilot certificates with numerous type ratings, as well as a bachelor's degree in ebusiness. in his spare time, steven has been involved with off-road motorcycle racing, competitive shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, and myriad other outdoors activities. he currently focuses his free time on his family as a happily married father of three. he and his wife monica have a small hobby farm in east tennessee, where they raise their own fruits and vegetables, in addition to raising chickens, katahdin sheep, and rabbits. steven bird is a self-sufficiency minded individual with a passion for independence and freedom. he puts this passion into his writing where he conveys the things that he feels are important in life, intertwined with action packed adventure and the struggles of humanity.

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