Iron Mountain


iron mountainIron Mountain

Kindle: 357 pages

Date Published: Feburary 24, 2014

About the Book:

Iron Mountain continues the story of a teen surviving the breakdown of the United States after a massive terrorist attack. Along with his family, Jim must escape a West Coast that is descending further into chaos as people try to escape the nuclear and biological attacks. Rioting, anarchy and destruction spread like wildfire. The military is attempting to restore order, but they are fighting a losing battle against a combination of attacks, infection and deadly circumstances. Each person is struggling to survive every moment. Ordinary families are now sharing space in refugee camps with other survivors, infected people … even terrorists. The ocean again provides refuge for Jim, but the new faces he meets might be helpful friends or deadly enemies. Some make the chaos into an excuse to form their own paramilitary groups and execute their own plan to restore order. Old hatreds are now beginning to flourish. Jim’s search for a safe place in a dangerous world will uncover desperate choices and painful truths. Neighborhoods can become war zones, men can become monsters and kids can become heroes. Jim might survive, but nothing will be the same.

About the Author:

Dan Haight is an emerging writer whose credits include the Flotilla series and many published short stories. As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, he refers to himself as a "blue collar geek" with a passion for writing, working with his hands and being a dad. Dan works as a "computer guy" by day and writes in his off-hours. Dan began writing at age 12 and published his first short story in 2007.Flotilla, his first novel, was released in 2011 and its sequel, Iron Mountain, will be published on March 10, 2014. Readers can learn more about Dan and the world of Flotilla at 

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