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The hardest part about writing a book is getting the word out about the book after it is written. I have a passion for helping preparedness-minded people bring more awareness to preparedness and thought a vitural blog tour would be a great way to band together to work towards the common good of all  - exposure - by creating a win-win situation for all.  So I decided to host a "Virtual Books Blog Tour" on my site.  

For Authors: The way the Vitural Book Blog Tour works is an author notifies me of their book and interest in having their book reviewed by the reading community. The author will created a "Review Copy Only" watermarked PDF of their book and send it to me with an image of their book. In turn, I will post the book on the Virtual Book Blog Tour Page with a custom banner of their book that will be linked to their Author Blog Tour Page to include their author bio, the book image and description, a book synopsis, and a link to purchase the book.  

For Potential Reviewers: I am seeking reviewers with a track record website and/or blog site, a possible YouTube Channel and other social media networks. Notifiy me of your interest to view a book (the books will be listed on each particular "monthly" blog tour i.e., March Blog Tour, etc.  Feel free to go to past blog tours and choice an ebook for review as well, as all tours remain in the Virtual Book Blog Tour. You will be sent a PDF copy (ebook) of the book (FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.) Once you have completed the book review, you will post the review to your website/blog and/or YouTube Channel and forward the link(s) to me.  I will then link the review (or YouTube review) to the Author's Blog Tour Page for all to see and share.  

Authors and Reviewers: The book review will be seen by the audience of each review blogger and YouTuber (it could be a word), as well as on the Author's Blog Tour Page. When anyone go on to an Author's Blog Tour Page they will also see a link to those reveiws - so it's like the author goes on a virtual book tour!!

Not only does the Virtual Book Blog Tour drive traffic to the book reviewers' websites and YouTube Channels, but it also gives the much needed exposure of the books and authors.  A win-win for all! virtual book blog tour 2

It is requested that both the authors and book reviewers (I will be participating as well) send out Twitter tweets, post on Facebook, post on Google+, post on Pinterest, post on Linkedin and any other social media networks, and link the book reviews and the Author's Blog Tour Page reviews to further bring exposure for all.

Also, as an addition, book reviewers you can add an interview with the author by submitting Q/A’s (please note: these questions will need to be tailored to the specific author and book; not just canned Q/A’s used over and over again - just sayin’) by contacting me of your desire to do so and I will forward them to the respective author.

This Virtual Book Blog Tour is just another Preparedness Community effort to help one another and to help educate the masses by reading preparedness, self-reliance, and dystopian/post-apocalyptic books.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed or if you have a website/blog and/or YouTube Channel and are interested in reviewing any of the books listed on the Virtual Book Blog Tour Page - contact me (Jane) at  (please add “Virtual Book Blog Tour” to the subject line of the email) with your request and/or questions. 

As I mentioned, this is a much needed area in the Preparedness Community. Who better to understand preparedness-mind people than other preparedness-minded people who have a desire to bring more awareness to the need to be prepared?

We all definitely understand the value of knowledge and a good preparedness library!

One last thing. This is a labor of love on my part creating the Author's Blog Tour Page, banners, getting the ebooks to the reviewers, getting interview questions to the authors, posting the reveiw links and blasting the reviews to social media networks.  The requires a team effort to accomplish this.

Like I always say ...

"We're all in this together"

Just sayin',

















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