"The Guardians"

The New Homefront: Vol. 2

the guardiansThe Guardians: The New Homefront: Vol. 2


Pages: 266

Date Published: June 22, 2014

About the Book:

The Guardians is the second book in The New Homefront series where patriotic Americans struggle to survive in a collapsing world, while taking a stand against the evil and tyranny that quickly follows. It is the sequel to The Last Layover: The New Homefront, Volume 1. The Guardians picks up where The Last Layover left off, as well as introducing an exciting new parallel story line and characters. Join our characters as they struggle to survive and find their way in a world forever changed by the events detailed in Volume 1. 
The Guardians is an action-adventure thrill ride, packed with plausible events that offers readers a glimpse into a potential collapse of society, while providing an exciting and entertaining story with characters you will feel you truly know and understand. Continue on this journey with them as they face the dangers, hardships, chaos, and violence, of an unraveling and collapsing modern world, while never losing touch with their own humanity, decency, and dignity.

About the Author:

Steven Bird was born in Harlan, KY in 1973, where he lived until joining the U.S. Navy in 1992. He spent the next thirteen years living in Northwest Washington state, where he served on active duty for eleven of those years. After leaving active duty, he completed twenty years of service in the Navy reserve retiring as a Navy Chief Petty Officer. While in the reserves, he pursued a civilian flying career, serving as a flight instructor, charter pilot, a turbo-prop first officer, jet first officer, and has been a jet airline captain since September 2007. He has served in both military and federal law enforcement capacities, and holds CFI, CFII, MEI, and ATP pilot certificates with numerous type ratings, as well as a bachelor's degree in eBusiness.

In his spare time, Steven has been involved with off-road motorcycle racing, competitive shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, and myriad other outdoors activities. He currently focuses his free time on his family as a happily married father of three. He and his wife Monica have a small hobby farm in East Tennessee, where they raise their own fruits and vegetables, in addition to raising chickens, Katahdin sheep, and rabbits.

Steven Bird is a self-sufficiency minded individual with a passion for independence and freedom. He puts this passion into his writing where he conveys the things that he feels are important in life, intertwined with action packed adventure and the struggles of humanity.

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Website: homefrontbook.com

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/thelastlayover  or @thelastlayover 

Email: scbird@homefrontbooks.com


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