Secret Greenhouse of Survival

How to Build the Ultimate Homestead & Prepper Greenhouse

secret greenhouse 1Secret Greenhouse of Survival - How to Grow the Ultimate Homestead and Prepper Greenhouse

Paperback and Kindle

Pages: 138

Published: December 2013

About Book:  

This is the ultimate sustainable homestead and prepper greenhouse, but purposely doesn’t look like it. Imagine a greenhouse that heats your home in the winter; and heats your water; that grows five times more food per sq. ft. than a hoop house; that provides food for you and your family all year long; where your food grows in 3 dimensions; where you never have to use fertilizer; where you never have to use pesticide, and where you can grow exotic foods (i.e. citrus or coffee trees in New England); that allows you to start seedlings in the spring; that hides your solar electric system; and that can house your small animals or incubate chickens and ducks. All disguised to look like a porch on your home, so that desperate and hungry passersby would have no idea that you have food growing there. This greenhouse does all that. This book is a simple, straight-forward, step by step approach to creating your own Secret Greenhouse of Survival, and it’s easy and cheap to build! Written by Rick Austin, the Survivalist Gardener, the author of the #1 Best Selling book in Garden Design- The Secret Garden of Survival- How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest.

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About Author:

Rick Austin, author of Secret Garden of Survival; featured on National Geograhic Channel's Doomsday Castle and Doomsday Preppers, used to be a traditional apple farmer. And just like every other traditional apple farmer, he had acres of apple trees planted in rows and rows, with nothing but grass growing in between. And just like every other traditional apple farmer, he spent a fortune on fertilizer and pesticide - every 10 days and also after every rain. Yet he still had wormy, scabby apples, just like every other farmer around him.  Little did he know then, that the grass in between the trees sucked up the same nutrients that the apple trees needed. And little did he know then that the pesticide he was using was actually making the apples a bigger target for the pests he was trying to get rid of. That is because the predator bugs that would have taken care of the pests, were dying from the pesticide faster than the pests!  He knew there had to be a better way.  He created a camouflauge food forest he calls his Secret Garden of Survival, based on years of research, experimentation and experince on permaculture concepts for this homestead orchard, vineyard and berryfarm. He now shows you how to use these same techniques to create the ultimate homestead greenhouse by letting nature do what it wants to do, instead of trying to force nature to do what man wants it to do. Again, all without using fertilizer, and without using pesticide.

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