Leaving The Trees

Book One of Leaving The Trees Journey

leaving the treesLeaving The Trees: Book One Leaving the Trees Journey

Paperback and Kindle

Pages: 124

Published: July 2010

About the Book:

LEAVING THE TREES is a fictional account of the meltdown of our global society, as we know it. It has at its root cause a malevolent cyber attack on the global financial networks and systems by China that finally causes everything to spin out of control. It is initially set in Washington D.C. with political leaders who do not deal effectively with this calamity. As things begin to unravel, and society loses the ability to cope, things just stop working. At this point the novel sharply transitions to the future and the aftermath of this global meltdown. The last two thirds of the book focuses and how a small community in Montana must pick up the pieces and learn how to survive, with what they have left and how they must live. It is suspense novel about trust, deception, betrayal and revenge that is filled with many twists, and turns.

About the Author:

Richard Earl Broome has lived an extraordinary life rising from an Army private to an Army Colonel and serving on the White House staff for two Presidents of the United States as a member of their National Security Council staff. He is considered a national expert on the subjects of crisis management, disaster recovery and survival. He is a frequent contributor of articles about the many threats facing our society, appearing frequently on radio shows to discuss issues such as pandemics, ISIS, and the cyber threat. Now living in a small community in Montana, he is a member of the faculty at Montana State University where he teaches leadership. He has brought all his life experiences together in this intense suspense novel about trust, deception, betrayal and revenge.

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