My review of Secret Greenhouse Of Survival. OK. I am just going to put it right out there. I think this is a great book. Thoughtful, detailed, pragmatic, with very sound advice supported by clear writing and excellent diagrams and photos, I am so pleased I was asked to review the book.  

Because… now I have my own copy.

I was interviewed recently by another site about my prepper novel that I just published recently, and one of the questions put to me was, “If you had $500 to spend on things to help you with prepping, what would you spend it on?” Most people would think about guns, tools, knives, and food storage – all good ideas. I said I would also recommend a good set of reference books you can always go to and find ways to do the things you will need to know “how to do” to survive. I wish I had known about Secret Greenhouse Of Survival when I did that interview. It would have been on the top of my list.secret greenhouse 1

 You have to understand where I am coming from as a reader and a reviewer. I am not a gardener. I am not all that handy around the house with carpentry and plumbing (which is a gross understatement of how bad at these kind of things I really am), but after reading Secret Greenhouse Of Survival, I feel I could actually build this, and so could you. Moreover, for those of you stuck in an urban or suburban setting, and worried about a continuous food supply if things get really bad, you can do this anywhere. You do not have to be in a rural area.

I have to recommend Rick Austin’s book in the strongest possible terms as a “must have” reference book for any prepper, homesteader, survivalist or just a human being with some good common sense.

Secret Greenhouse of Survival can be purchased on Amazon: Paperback and Kindle

 -  Richard Earl Broome

Author of Leaving The Trees - Book One of Leaving The Trees Journey