It’s a given - girls talk the same language, albeit mom-girls, grandma-girls, girlfriend-girls, little-girls, big-girls and yes, even girlie-girls. So when Lisa Bedford, fondly referred to as the ‘Survival Mom’ and creator of, asked me to review her New Book ‘Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios’ how could I resist!

The author is a mom-girl. Not only that but a survival mom-girl.  And, better yet, a suburban survival mom-girl, which practically makes us sisters! For as you know, I too talk girl-talk and survival-talk and although I no longer live in suburbia, I used to! Who would have thought!

Now to the book.

First off, I love the cover.  No, I know, you can’t judge a book by its cover but I just love how she incorporated all those bright happy colors together to prepare us for a not so happy joy-joy subject – emergency/disaster preparedness. the survival mom

I open the cover. The words “I’m a mom now. It’s my job, my sworn duty, to protect my family” jumped off the page of the introduction. I’ve often wondered what part of ‘taking care of your family’ moms of today don’t get. Sure they feed, clothe and discipline their children but protect them from disasters? Not so sure.

As I continue to read I am giddy with excitement as my eyes catch a familiar word …’sequined’ and then ‘lip glosses’! ‘Oh I’m gonna to love this book’, I thought to myself.  But …as I read on my excitement fades as I learn the author is merely using her mother (my kinda grandma-girl by the way) as an example of how our focus and priorities can get a little misplaced sometimes (ah nuts!)

I love that the author, like me, saw a need to educate women - all women. And even though she may focus on a specific group - moms - it makes no difference, the information contained in her book is information that can and should be used by all and that means women and men.

In practical, easy to understand steps the author guides you through “preparedness”.  But not in a structured sort of “read this first” way but instead allows you to jump ahead or go back and still understand what is being said.  She begins her book as we all should with anything new – making lists. And in fact, provides a great form as an outline to create your own ‘To Learn’ ‘To Do’ and ‘To Buy’ (my personal favorite *grin*) lists.

Because “preparedness” seems to have its own language (you can consider yourself multi-lingual after learning it) the author has created a mini-glossary explaining acronyms such as SHTF or HTF which she interprets as ‘Hits The Fan’(and yes, the S stands for exactly what you think it stands for!) That one made me laugh out loud! Oops! I mean, 'LOL'!

The author fills the pages of her book, even utilizing the margins, by adding side notes like ‘ABC's Baby Steps Tips/Suggestions’, ‘Life Savers of wisdom’ and ‘sayings’ of others as inspiration; at times adding the ‘wo’ to the word ‘men’ to make it more meaningful (girl power! – but I digress). 

To help the reader put things in perspective; as an example say, the topic of food prep, the author explains it in terms we all understand -  like, ‘If you can wax your legs, you can wax cheese”! I love this girl!

This author lets you know she’s one of the girls. What she experiences you will or have experienced too. She covers just about anything and everything that you would possibly need to know to prepare for and  be ready for an emergency disaster whether you are new to emergency preparedness or would like to have a great reference book for your survival library. 

This book is packed with tips, suggestions and guidelines to better prepare yourself and that of your family.  In fact, some of the information you will find was actually shared by other “mom-girls” from their personal experiences. 

And if the truth be known, anyone who uses the word “poop” instead of trying to be all politically correct with words like "bowel movement” (I know! Gross!) when describing in her book what to do when we -“hafta  go” - is my kinda girl! Am I right??

Get your copy of "Survival Mom - How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios" here:Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios

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Just sayin’

- Survivor Jane





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