altPrepper fiction writer, Ron Foster, author of the soon to be released book ‘Solitary Man: Countdown to Prepperdom’, and about a ba-gillion more books that he has authored or co-authored (don’t believe me? Go to Amazon and do a search), is a highly-educated, military-veteran, preparedness-minded, down-to-earth man who writes like he talks – in down-to-earth talk, from both his heart and his convictions – on preparedness.  What you see is what you get with this author.  He doesn’t try to fancy up his books or put on airs. In fact, reading them is a lot like talking face to face with him and hearing that genuine southern-gentleman twang.

'Solitary Man: Countdown to Prepperdom' is about a man on a mission. In fact he reminds me of a lot of men; including the author, and women for that matter, in the preparedness community who struggle with daily ridicule from friends and family for their beliefs in an unstable world and the world above us. While we race against an unknown clock to “prepare” for an unknown event that may or may not come, naysayers stand-by cross-armed, with their eye-rolled looks and shaking heads making us question our convictions.

Then …, the unspeakable happens – a solar flare erupts – taking out a good portion of the power-grid. The main character, Donald is thrust into a personal and survival journey, both for himself and the diverse group of characters he’s surrounded by. 

The author uses Donald, and the other characters to interlace lessons in self-reliance, discipline and survival techniques throughout the storyline that we ourselves can take and tuck away in the recesses of our mind (some further than others *grin*) to be brought out in a time of need.

True to “Ron Foster” form, the author uses actual data to bring believability to the storyline and show that bad things can and do happen in the real world and how people could or will react to it. Yeah that part is a little boring but it’s a good boring because it demonstrates just how much thought the author puts into his books making them both entertaining and believable.   He subtly introduces us to survival tricks and items in the book before we even realize that these are actual preparedness tips (hint: you may have to read it a second time just to get all the great ideas, prepper gear/supplies and suggestions).   

After reading this book, if you have ever been asked what the best way would be to introduce “preparedness” to family and/or friends - your answer should be – read ‘Solitary Man: Countdown to Prepperdom’ and in fact all of Ron Foster’s other preparedness books!

Solitary Man: Countdown to Prepperdom’ by Ron Foster can be purchased by clicking on the book above or here Survival Books.

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