1st defense justice bulletsI was asked to review Magtech’s First Defense Justice - 9mm ammunition by Heidi over at Lucky Gunner (www.luckygunner.com) and graciously accepted as I sincerely believe there is a need for people, especially women, to understand the importance of having the right ammunition for your weapon (or weapons) and for the situation in which they will be used.

My first ammunition review (sigh). luckygunner logo
With my babe close by – my Springfield XDM 9mm handgun - I gingerly opened the lid of the regally labeled navy with gold lettering box of Magtech First Defense Justice ™ 20 Rounds of 9mm Luger +P 92.6gr SCHP and peer in. Staring back were 20 tin coated hollow point bullets. I slid the handy white tray holding these burst of energy out of the box and reached down to pick one up.  Note: you don’t pick these babies up.  It’s like trying to pick-up a droplet of water on a slick counter ... not gonna happen. So I did the next best thing – I shook one out for a closer inspection. xdm 2

**Now let me give my little disclaimer here – I am NOT in any shape or form an expert in neither handguns nor ammunition.  But I am a girl who owns a weapon, in fact several weapons, and understand the importance of the ammunition needed for these weapons and for my personal self-defense.

On close inspection, rolling the shiny projectile around between my thumb and forefinger, I note the tin coating on the solid copper body. Pretty. The coating, from what I've researched, is non-corrosive and supposed to result in higher energy levels, longer barrel life, deep penetration, positive functioning and superb accuracy. Hmmm, we’ll see. 

Oh, and they are loaded to SAMMI and CIP specifications. Huh?  I know, right?  I don’t really think this is something we would need to know to protect ourselves - so not to worry.

I also learn that the Magtech First Defense Justice ™ will maintain 100% of their original bullet weight (haven’t a clue what that means either).

Okay, enough of the boring stuff now comes the time of reckoning.

I load the ammunition; clicking these werewolf stopping silver bullets in one at a time into my 19 round magazine and then slide the magazine back into its happy place of my XDM.

empty milk jug Now keep in mind I am in a rural setting and no longer have the access or luxury of a fancy gun range.  Instead I set my sights on randomly placed milk jugs filled with water and placed strategically at different intervals out in a field far away from civilization (safety first!)

What I experienced  - well was amazing. 

I mean, holy moley!! 

Let me back up a bit first and share this with you.  I have been using standard Brand X ammunition (bullets for those just beginning).  The kind that you shoot and then run up to the target to see the hole.  After shooting, or shall I say firing, Magtech's First Defense Justice 92.6gr, I can see what all the excitement is over this ammunition. I mean we are talking the difference between the poor milk jugs receiving a "flesh wound" penetration and being totally obliterated by the hollow point of the First Defense Justice!  After seeing the mutilated milk jugs, I thought, "I can only imagine the 'damage' this ammunition would cause in a self defense situation!"  In fact, I found after shooting several rounds, I started to go a little "Rambo" on the jugs and ultimately; darn-it, ended up ruining all my"target milk jugs' in the meantime.

For those of you who have never used hollow points, including myself before now, the hollow point ammunition, in my opinion, is now definitely the way to go for your self defense weapon.  It has a far better stopping power than the standard ammunition  - which after all is ultimately what we want in self-defense, right?

So, do this, save your standard ammunition for target practice and think long and hard about switching over to a hollow point like Magtech's First Defense Justice.  If the need arises to have to use your weapon, you'll be glad you did.

Now how to get some more milk jugs.

Got milk? 

Just sayin'

- Survivor Jane


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