As I read the title of Doug Carlsten’s new book ‘The Great Flaw – How Your World is About to Change and What You Can Do About it!’ I couldn’t help but wonder which flaw he was referring to. I mean just look around. Our world as we know it seems to be going to er …‘south’ in a hand-basket pretty fast and, picking up momentum along the way. The great flaw the author is referring to is our nation’s economy - the economy that most of us seem to have a ‘head-in-the-sand’ attitude about.

thegreatflawIn The Great Flaw, the author tells us that our society is about to change. Something we can already see by leaps and bounds.  But what he wants to stress is the reality that it will be impossible for our economy to ever recover from its downward spiral. Ever?  *Gulp*

Now, not being a math scholar; okay not even remotely close to it, I was relieve that the author did the calculated equations for us in making his points that it is mathematical impossible for us go back to the life we once knew, saving us this arduous task. 

The book gets heavy at times, okay depressing, but I urge you to hang in there because these statistics, figures and data are all needed to actually “show” us where we have and, continue to go wrong in our nation’s economy.

The author details how wasteful of a society we’ve become as we continue to pursue the elusive proverbial golden carrot.

And, just when you think you are about to drown in the sea of doom and gloom-overload as the author describes a series of events that could bring our nation to her knees, he throws you a life-preserver called ‘hope’.

The message I take from ‘The Great Flaw’ is one of personal responsibility. The first step is being aware of what can, and most certainly will happen in the not too distant future.  Next, we need to begin to use the simple steps the author has given us to set the wheels in motion for you and your loved ones to survive this uncertainty. It requires action on your part.

This book is a true “reality” book. Reality, in that the author does not mince his words. Like it or not, he unveils the ugliness of the state of our nation’s economy.  But, in turn, allows for a “happily-ever-after’ survival ‘if’ you act now.

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