20121109_160958-001I don't know about you but the thought of wearing a drab bulky man-bracelet just for the sake of having "rope" around my wrist just didn't cut it.  I mean, don't get me wrong I DO believe you need to think safety first and therefore have as many items "on your person" as possible to assure your safety, but what about looking good at the same time? Right?

I'm referring to those bracelets that you see everyone wearing (whether they know why they are wearing them or not) made out of 550 - 7 strand paracord (parachute cord).  20121109_151023-001

I got to thinking.  More women would probably be willing to wear one of these a bracelets IF it actually looked like a Woman's Bracelet; including me. So, I went to work making myself "Fashion Bracelets" I wouldn't mind wearing - well anywhere - Work, Weekend Activities, Social Events ... you get the idea and then began wearing my one of a kind creations (I didn't like the idea of "cookie cutter" bracelets so each is made unique).

What happened next was amazing. It seemed like everywhere I went, I would invariably be stopped by someone who would ask ..."where'd ya get that bracelet?"  People were noticing the bracelets and asking where they could get them to give to their daughter or sister ... or yeah, themselves.

The interest was amazing.

For those of you who are sure what paracord is and the importance of these bracelets, let me share a little bit about them.

20121109_153352-001First and foremost, the cord weighs next to nothing as it hangs on your wrist. The 7 inner strands (made up of smaller filament strands) are all woven together and covered with a strong outer sheath to withstand 550 lb. (thus the 550 paracord) which I can't stress could be invaluable in a crisis situation.  This gives you three (3) different size rope strands to use. There are so many uses in an emergency survival situation for paracord. A filament of the inner strands could be used for dental floss or to stitch up a wound. You could also use the cord for tenting, clothes lines, and yes even rappel or tie things down with. Just a quick yank and tug and the bracelet releases into 8-9 feet (depending on the size) of emergency cord. paracord strand

If you were put in a situation where you needed to hunt for your food, you could use the parachord to make a snare or to make a make-shift a bow - then grab up some long sticks for arrows. And for fishing?  Just make yourself a fishing line. Or use the paracord to string up a dear *giggle* ... I mean a deer.

I could go on and on for the uses of paracord but I'm sure you now understand the importance of wearing these bracelets. To look fabulous! Okay ... I mean to use in an emergency survival situation.

Each of the women in your family, extended family, as well as your friends should be wearing these bracelets. It's just another way to be prepared. To me, it only made sense that if we are going to wear jewelry why not wear something with a purpose - Simply Survival.  And the great thing about these bracelets - they are affordable so you can get one for all occasions! 

The line also inclues hair accessories for you or the little fashionistas with hair bands and ponytail bands. (each has 3-4 feet of paracord)

And guys - this gives you that much needed window of opportunity to discuss the importance of preparedness as you gift the women in your life with one of these treasures. 

Just sayin'

If You would like to see more Bracelets Styles click on any bracelet above or here 'Simply Survival Jewelry & Accessories™

- Survivor Jane







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