dpvalentineOkay you have your food. You have your survival supplies. You have your water and protection. And you have your 17-story abandoned Atlas ballistic military silo… and you’re single.

February 12th 9pm ET National Geographic Channel - Doomsday Preppers profiles Jeff Flaningam who, like a lot of preppers, is concerned with an economic collapse. He has purchased a 50 year old abandoned silo that he hopes to build into a fortress to live-in should the proverbial poo-hit-the-fan ever happen.

So what’s a hot-blooded single male prepper in his prime that hasn’t had a date in  .... verrrppp (needle scratching over a vinyl record) ... 6 years gonna do? Well, like 40 Million other singles, Jeff turned to Internet dating. *facepalm* 

Now let me just get this out. To me ’trust’ is huge in prepping. Trust of the people you prep with that they will have your back.  Trust of your personal-prepping knowledge, abilities and skills.  Trust of your equipment and supplies. Trust to me is a foundation. And, as they say (whoever ‘they’ are) trust is earned not given – especially in relationships.

In Jeff’s quest for that perfect prepper partner (or the prepper acronym PPP - I just made that up *grin*) he arranges to meet up with three (3) potential prepper partners (PPP can also be used for this as well – just sayin).

Now I love surprises as much as any girl, but Jeff your delivery kinda sucks. Lines like “How do you feel about shooting?” or ”What survival skills do you have?” right out of the gate is not good. 

Watch this to see what I mean >>


Jeff needs to try something more fun and flirty such as these pick-up lines taken and modified from http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2876079/posts):

“Hey there, have I got a 50lb bag of dry beans with your name on it!” or

“We could take long walks together on the beach … after we've cleared it” or even

“I’ll treat you like the last woman on earth - because you probably will be.” 

See? Fun stuff.

The question when searching for your perfect prepper-mate is - what are you looking for?  Companionship or a relationship?  Do you want a buddy or a lifemate?

When you get feedback comments after a date like ‘paranoid’ or ‘slightly crazy’ …you might want to take a few steps back and reevaluate your conversation.

Now I know this is supposed to be a review of the show, but it can also be a learning lesson too. I can’t help but think there are far more men out there like Jeff that are preppers and would like to meet that awesome prepperess. So, if I can just give a few pointers maybe there would be less single men preppers; and female preppers for that matter.

If I had a “secret” (I was a prepper) I would look for basic relationship characters before spilling the dry beans …like, chemistry (attraction), a good personality (or heck even 'a' personality), a great sense of humor, a positive attitude about life, attractiveness (inwardly and/or outwardly), values, and stability. You don’t want just anyone. 

By using your opsec skills while you look for these characteristics you can walk away from a potential suitor with no harm done - and your secret safe.

Make prepping sound fun - a lifestyle. Not doom and gloom - the sky is falling. Preparedness shows you are a responsible person, you are physically fit (if not get to it), like the outdoors, and love adventure. Make it a positive. Then once the “trust” is established you can bring her to your silo without the blindfolded.  Did that really happen??? Watch as see! 

Jeff, if I were to pick your mate out of the three you met, it would have to be Laura. Yes, she was a little er ... eager, and her laugh a little annoying – but I just chalked that up to being nervous on a first date with a HUGE camera in her face! She hunts, quilts, can operate a fork lift … and just through visuals alone … could probably cook as well.  Just sayin.

For Jeff, and all you other single preppers … there are actually prepper dating sites you might want to look into before going to the traditional sites.  At least you are starting out on level ground. But keep in mind in your quest, there as many different types of preppers as there are … personalities. hearts


Now get searching - Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Oh and ladies, this episode also features Samson and his long golden locks. Well, his name really isn't Samson they call him "Rockman" and does he ever rock! *grin*

Just sayin.

- Survivor Jane






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