Are you a single prepper - and by prepper I mean an ardent committed prepper - with a big personality????  If so, Cineflix may be looking for you!

Erika, from the casting and development department of the production company, Cineflix, is working on a new developmental show.

The concept is focused on the importance of having a partner and the challenge single preppers have of finding like-minded individuals when it comes to dating.

Cineflix is looking for survivalists and preppers who are currently single who would be open to discussing any dating difficulties they have due to their prepper lifestyle and what they are looking for in a mate.

The aim is to highlight preppers who have strongly held beliefs and values which they hope to share with someone else.

If you are this prepper or know of someone who fits this description, Erika would like to speak with you to learn more about your difficulties at finding a like-minded mate.

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Contact info:
Erika Hardin – Casting

Twitter: @Cineflix

Just sayin’

- Survivor Jane








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