I was recently contacted by the Sales Manager of CleanLife Products, R. Jeff Laravie, who markets several prepper products including the 'No-Rinse" line, for his company. His motivation for the call was a possible relationship between his company and SJ for possible distribution of the products. After learning that SJ didn't actually have a store to sell his products, the discussion moved on to the benefits of the "no-rinse" product line and how it could be a god-sent in any grid-down or survival/disaster event. Before saying good-bye, Jeff said he would sent some samples to try.  And sure enough a few days later a box came filled with all kinds of goodies. I pulled all the samples out of the box and put them with my other hygiene preps.

The next day a PVC pipe decided to leak necessitating the need for the water to be turned off in the house. I learned this  - AFTER - I had been out in the yard working all day. "You've got to be kidding me!" I said to myself, barely able to stand the smell emanating from me (contrary to popular belief girls do sweat.)  My hair was gross, my body was yucky and I needed as shower - STAT. But it wasn't gonna happen. *sign*

no rinse shampooThen I remembered the samples received from CleanLife Products. I dug through the packages until I came to one labeled 'No Rinse Shampoo Cap'. "Okay this is weird." I said, looking over the packaging.  The instructions say to place the cap on your head and massage directly on your hair and scalp. One No Rinse Shampoo Cap is supposed to cleanse your hair and scalp completely without the need to rinse; eliminating odors and leaving your hair fresh and clean. "Umm, yeah right."  But I was in a pickle. I HAD to wash my hair ... and bathe. Which lead me to ... yep, the 'No Rinse Bathing Wipes' package. Which before opening - I likened to using baby or make-up wipes - been there done that.

Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts! First, I put on the shampoo-cap, tucking all my hair up into the cap and started massaging my head like the directions said to do. What happened next scared me a little. Sudsing began to appear around the edges of the cap! Now I'm not sure what I expected to happen, I 'think' I thought this was a dry process ... but nope, I was actually shampooing my hair!  After the 1-2 minutes suggested to massage, I removed the cap. "Oh great! Now I have a head full of shampoo!", I sighed. But the instructions said to towel dry my hair. So like a good little prepper, I did.  And I was amazed! All the shampoo was gone and my hair smelled and felt great!

So I moved on to the 'No Rinse Bathing Wipes'. The sheets were actually thicker than regualar wipes. In fact although the package suggests using more than one, I was stinky more than dirty and was able to clean up ,really well in fact, with the use of just one. no rinse bathing wipes

I can say without a doubt that the No Rinse Shampoo Cap and No Rinse Bathing Wipes worked like a charm! And, even though my crisis albeit was a small one ... just think how awesome it would be to have these products in a real disaster situation!

If you are a vendor who is looking for an awesome line of products to add to your prepping gear/supplies you might want to consider CleanLife Products 'No-Rinse' line.

Take it from a girlie-girl ... they work! 

Purchase the "No-Rinse Shower Cap" and "No-Rinse Bathing Wipes" here:


Prepper Vendors you can contact CleanLife Products here:

R.Jeff Laravie - Sales Manager jeffl@norinse.com - www.norinse.com

937-746-7357 or 800 223-9348 (ext 217)

 Just sayin’

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