I first met Jay Blevins on National Geographic Channel’s hit series ‘DoomsdayPreppers’.  Well, when I say “met”, I didn't actually meet him in person, but like millions of viewers on Tuesday evenings, I was introduced to him through his featured episode “Bad Times All the Time” where he and his family were preparing for social unrest brought on by an economic collapse - along with other concerns.  blevins dp logo

As a refresher to those who watched the episode and an introduction for those who didn't, Jay is a former law enforcement officer and father of three living in the suburbs of Berryville, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. with his beautiful wife, Holly.

For those who follow me on social media networks know, I write periodic sneak-peek reviews of Doomsday Preppers episodes for the National Geographic Channel. I also live ‘tweet-chat’ on Twitter during the Doomsday Preppers episodes (discussing the episodes through live tweeting) on Tuesday evenings.  It was during the live tweet-chat of Jay’s episode “Bad Times All the Time” that I “met” him and I learned of his new book “Survival & Emergency Preparedness Skills” … or SEPS. 

blevins dpA few key things on Jay’s episode caught my attention - one was the network he created with his neighbors and the other, his “Circle of Force” strategy of defense - a step down approach to defense with a spectrum of the most violent of defense; i.e. firearms and weapons to the lesser use of vocal commands.  Both key in my personal preps - redundancy and a network.

After the show Jay and I continued the dialog by speaking more about his book. Subsequently, aarrangements were made for a book review. After all he was a prepper after my own heart in that his focus wasn't just on guns and food but on mental preparedness as well.seps
As I began my review of Survival & Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS), I noted that Jay’s emphasis is a need for a mental, physical and spiritual mindset along with the knowledge, lists, preparedness plans and tangible items. This is huge people! So many of us focus on tangibles and totally forget about our mental preparedness. Quoting from a past interview of Jay's “… learn that your mind is the most important tool, and the only one you really can’t live without.”  Whew! Canna I get a witness!!! Good stuff Jay! 

Mental preparedness means thinking inside and outside of the box. Thinking about past disasters and future disaster possibilities that “could” realistically happen in and around the area where you live in, the surrounding areas and, even our nation.

Think about it.  We currently live in an unstable world … both domestic and abroad.  In his book, Jay points out that we have the luxury of looking to past disaster events such as Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy, as well as September 11, 2001, and even events such as the tsunami in Japan, to reflect on and use as future reference of what “can” happen and how to prepare or better prepare for them.   

Jay uses real scenarios in his book as examples, which I like. He stresses how one catastrophic event can cascade into numerous disasters - natural and man-made - and the need for self-reliance and responsibility. Remember after a disaster there could be no help to come and assist you - you may be on your own. 

SEPS is not intended to be a “read once and put it on the shelf” book. Jay designed the book to be a critical part of your journey to preparedness by incorporating a journal at the end of the book to jot down personal notations, ideas and suggestions after each chapter. (I was really excited at first when I saw the symbol <SJ> initially thinking "Wow! Survivor Jane has been named in Jay's book!" - thenI realized it stood for 'SEPS Journal'. *facepalm*)

You'll also find thought-provoking questions at the of each chapter to answer that can later be used for future reference and for an aid in setting realistic personal preparedness goals regarding information and items needed to survive for any number of natural disasters or catastrophes. 

Survival & Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS) is a must have book for your preparedness library for both the prepper just beginning their journey into preparedness and the seasoned prepper well into their journey. 

Get your copy of "Survival & Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS) here: Survival & Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS): Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Readiness for Uncertain Times

Contact Jay Blevins:

Twitter: @jayblevinsTLF

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorJayBlevins

Website: http://www.jayblevins.com/

Email: jblevins2042@yahoo.com  

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