water from a stoneDid you know that water comes from under rocks not over rocks? I didn't. It's these little tidbits, and more, that you pick-up aong the way while watching National Geographic Channel's new reality series Doomsday Castle (Tuesdays 10p ET) that make the show not only entertaining but informative as well.  Water after all is the most valuable thing needed to survive so its good to know where to look if in search of a water source. As they say ... no water ... no life.

On this episode of Doomsday Castle you will watch as Military Expert, Michael Moore; a retired Army Ranger, affectionally known as ... okay maybe not affectionally, but is known as Military Mike attempts (and I use that word kindly) to teach the kastle-kids military manuvers, skills and techniques needed to fend off intruders from the Castle. What happens is, well ... watch and see!  Spoiler: It's not pretty! military mike

While Michael and Lindsey are busy learning how to get themselves killed, I mean learning how to keep themselves from being killed under the direction of Military Mike, the other siblings and the family patriarch, Brent Sr. are 600 feet down a steep slope with none other than the official Doomsday Prepper Scorer ... yes he has a real job too ... Scott Hunt, as they all work together to create a solar-powered water pump system. Okay again, maybe "work" is a little understated here.

I will say up front that after watching this episode I know why some animals in the wild eat their own!  Brent Sr. has the patience of Job when it comes to his girls. When he says "NOW" they say ... well, again watch and see!

scott huntBoth segments are interlaced with ... disagreements and conflict. As with most families you have the strong, the weak, the lazy and the motivated ... and then there are the ones who just don't seem to fit into any of those categories (I'm sure this is where the "dysfunction" part the family talks about comes in.)

The thing you will take away from this episode is how critical communication will be in a survival situation. Whether it is holding down the fort ... or the castle in this instance, or working together to achieve a working goal there has to be a good level of communication amongst everyone.  It's not about race, religion, age, gender, intelligance or any other of the multitude of excuses as to why someone did or didn't do something.  It's a given, families argue. But, it is what you do with those arguments that will ultimately determine the outcome. Just as with other crucial survival matters have a plan for conflict resolution as well. 


Just sayin'

- Survivor Jane










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