American Blackout is a two hour, WORLD PREMIERE MOVIE EVENT; airing on October 27th at 9pm ET, that details what our life may very well look like in the days immediately following a blackout from an EMP cyber-attack.  The film will feature expert analysis discussing the challenges we as American's will face in a catastrophic event of this magnatute. To bring it even closer to home Nat Geo has added home footage from real Americans during recent blackouts.blackout1

Learn what it means to literally be “POWERLESS”.

Consider just how many ways we as American's can lose power for an indefinite period of time.  Not the random seasonal power-outages we've all experienced of a few days to a few weeks from a winter storm or thunderstorm, but months if not years without power. Here are some of the most likely to happen:


Cyber Attack

Consider a cyber-attack where not only our infrastructure is hit but physically attacked. Former U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called this a “cyber Pearl-Harbor”.






An EMP attack on our nation, by an enemy nation or terrorist group, could happen by the group launching a missile containing a powerful nuclear weapon which could affect our nation’s entire electrical infrastructure.






Solar Flare

The Sun could unleash a blast of charged particles and hurl it towards the Earth, this solar storm could cause an electromagnetic pulse sending us literally back to …well the dark ages.





Grid Failure

Most don’t give our electrical grid a second thought.  How even this may be the most critical event that none of us are even considering.  Our grid system intertwined and interconnected in such a way that if there was a break down it could effect cause the whole grid to collapse. 

All of these can happen and if and when one does .... it will be total Blackout for America.


Watch the Trialer of Blackout America:



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American Blackout - October 27th - National Geographic Channel 9pm ET

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