I was honored once again, when asked if I’d be interested reviewing what could be a beneficial preparedness product. The request came from the CEO himself, Miles Maiden, the CEO of Hydro-Photon, Inc. and the makers of the award winning SteriPEN UV Water Purifiers (steripen.com).

I was sent the SteriPEN Emergency for review. When I removed the shiny red object from the box and examined it, right off I noticed the tapered end – this will definitely be useful with all the different types of commercial containers on the market today I thought. So many manufactures cater to a consumer mentality thereby making containers aesthetically pleasing; in a crisis situation this could be a huge disaster in and of itself if the only container you find can’t be used with your uv water purifier. Of course as with anything there are limits; the smallest that the SteriPEN will fit in is 0.8 inches but then who wants to try to filter water through the opening a little bigger than a milkshake straw!

The SteriPEN Emergency is a good size for portability. Granted it’s not the size of a fountain pen, but it is small enough (7.6 inches) and lite enough (5.5 ozs) to carry in a handbag, diaper bag, glove-compartment and yes most definitely your emergency go-bag. The instructions are clear and straightforward. The device works by securely inserting the tapered end into a bottle of relatively clean and colorless undesirable water; after pushing the activation button, then stir slightly to agitate the water and let the high-energy Ultraviolet (UV) light work its magic destroying 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and protozoa by breaking down their DNA. In less than one minute you have safe drinking water. In fact the SteriPEN Emergency is good for up to 793 gallons of safe drinking water. I will caution that this device is not intended for discoloration, solids and debris in the water. In order for the UV Lite to penetrate the bad-stuff you would need to either filter your water first through a clean cloth (like a bandana or handkerchief), or what would work just as well is to have coffee filters in your emergency bag to clear out some of the particulates before purifying. Or you can just buy the pre-filter (sold separately) for such times.

steripenWith the SteriPEN Emergency, the only issue I can foresee will be with the batteries. This device takes 4 lithium AA batteries. So as with all disaster and survival preps, you will want to make sure you have back-ups for your back-ups. The batteries will need to be replaced after approximately 264 gallons of water have been filtered. Again though, that is a lot of water! Oh and the batteries must be lithium (can use rechargeable) or NiMH - Alkaline and NiCd are not recommended.

Think of the conditions we could be faced with after a natural and/or man-made disaster. Most times with any one of these disasters our drinking water could be affected. Water purification redundancy is critical. You should already have your tablets, filters, and bleach but you also need a good portable UV water purifier like the SteriPEN Emergency in your preps. This way when the world as you know it is ending and everyone around you is panicking because they have no drinking water you can be happily hunkered down drinking a nice cool glass of water thanks to your SteriPEN Emergency UV Water Purifier.

Just sayin'

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