I’ll be honest, my thinking as a newbie prepper used to be the “lone-wolf” mentality and approach.  To me, I thought who better to have my back than … well, me. Maybe it was a trust issue. Trust as in, another person reeeally - reeeally having my best interests if and when the proverbial poo ever hit the fan; opposed to just saying that they will be there for me and then high-tailing it out of dodge leaving me high and dry.

The thought of me belonging to a prepper group was not in the least bit appealing to me when I began prepping.  Maybe this thought process came from all the social groups I belonged to in my school years - everyone was always nice and cordial to your face in these groups, and then the minute you turn, they stabbed you in the back with unkind words and deeds.  No thank-you.  But as I said, that was my newbie prepper’s way of thinking.  As I’ve matured in preparedness knowledge and skills, I’ve also come to realize that one cannot, nor should not, try to prepare for any “end of our world as we know it” scenario by themselves.

Most, if not all, of us have are our basic needs covered; food, water, shelter and protection, but the one area most omitted or forget to include is community or a survival MAG (mutual assistance/aid group) as part of our preparedness plan.preps logo

Charley Hogwood, creator of the P.R.E.P. – Personal Readiness Education Programs; who I consider a friend (although I’ve never personally met him, but have corresponded with him on Twitter, email and social media networks), is on a mission - a preparedness mission to educate people on … yes survival groups and the importance of creating one.  To further his outreach he has written a book entitled “The Survival Group Handbook".  The title says it all.  This is a book filled with the steps and guidelines needed; in easy to understand discussions, on how to create your own survival group. 

I’m sure from your own personal experiences you have learned that just because you join a “group” of people does not mean there is necessarily going to be unity within that group.  Just as we pick a soul mate for life, critical considerations needs to be taken in creating a survival group for your life and the lives of others. Considerations such as; personalities, leadership styles, choosing an appropriate location for your survival group and, even conflicts and their resolutions, group guidelines, goals and the mission. 

survival group bookI am personally a member of several like-minded groups but my gut feeling is with these groups; if the poo ever hit the fan it would be each man to his own. Why when they are groups of like-minds? Because they are just that – groups. That is not the intentions of this book – just joining or creating a “group”. The book is about “creating” a group of like-minds with a goal towards working together for the common good AND  “survival” of the group. Just as pantyhose are not a one size fits all (sorry they lied), neither is a survival group.

I am also part of a survival group. There is a comfort level in knowing that we are working towards a common good together and that we all have each other’s backs. Each has their own unique set of skill sets they bring to the table and each their own role and responsibilities within the group. I now understand the importance of aligning yourself with others - there is power in numbers with skills, knowledge and protection.

Most people will put their best foot forward initially when joining a group.  But time usually will tell. Unfortunately, time may be luxury we don’t have. This book addresses some of the many types of groups and personalities to help you understand what each entails and how to determine which would be best suited for your lifestyle, skills and goals – and ultimately your survival. charley pic

Begin to think about what you are seeking in a like-minded survival group to partner with, or, if you are already a part of a group but it is just that a “group” not a survival group, one of the best ways I can suggest for the sole prepper or to strengthen your existing group into a stronger unit, is to get a copy of Charley Hogwood’s book ‘The Survival Group Handbook’ to learn how to build and maintain a strong and viable survival group and how to safely and securely find other people who have like-minds to join you.

As the saying goes, the life you save may very well be your own.

Get your copy of "The Survival Group Handbook" here:The Survival Group Handbook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People For a Short or Long Term Survival Situation

Just sayin'

- Survivor Jane







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