the last layoverAs most who personally know me have learned, I usually don’t do anything without a purpose.

Take prepping for an example.  For me it’s a lifestyle, so more often than not the activities I do are centered on preparedness; including reading books and watching movies.   It’s not often that you will find me doing, watching or reading something that I can’t garner some knowledge from to use to further my preps.   Like, tools and gear, I use books and movies to hone my “what-if” mental skills for a world most of us could only imagine.     

A lot of you, me included, whether choosing to admit it or not have preparedness events listed in some sort of mental “high-low probability ranking”.  Although, I have always cautioned NOT to be “event specific” in your prepping, it is important to know the risks in your region of the country, state, town, city and neighborhood.   This is one reason I was eager to read, author, Steven C. Bird’s fictional novel, “The Last Layover”.   In his book, the author takes you through plight of a flight crew who find themselves in a world where our nation has deteriorated to the point of collapse.  The resulting waves of chaos and societal unrest - something self-admittedly is “up there” on my mental disaster event list - is all too real and what I mentally prepare for using each detail to visually place myself alongside the characters – in a “what would I do” mind thought.

Another issue brought to light in the book, and again a big concern of mine; as should be for all, is being away from home when that “something bad” happens.  Although rarely  am I without my emergency get home bag – more of a security blanket than anything – there is inevitably that pause and “what-if” moment as I climb into my vehicle before buckling up and heading out.   As you may have heard me say, “disasters’ know no time” – which is to say, disasters are not going to wait for that perfect time when you are home safe or for you to get “ready” – they will strike at will – ready or not. 

Ready or not is the scenario for The Last Layover.   The cast of characters weave a storyline that could very well be our future.  Loosely framed around two airline pilots – luckily preppers - they find themselves faced with a surreal world wherein they come face-to-face with every example of the human nature as they trudge an unknown path homeward.    steven bird     

The message was loud and clear.   Prepping is not about the lone wolf approach – it’s about coming together – working together.   Not only does the author show you ways around obstacles but he offers up hints and suggestions to use for your own personal preps.

There is no question The Last Layover was written by a man who knows his weaponry.   I will admit on those parts of the storyline, I kinda skimmed over the details in a “blah, blah, blah” fashion - but then hey, that is just a difference in how men and women interpret things.   If he were talking shoes I’d been all over it. 

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying; the details are what make the storyline believable.  The author gave us a glimpse of what could be our future world.

Get your copy of "The Last Layover" here:The Last Layover: The New Homefront, Volume 1


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Steven C. Bird 



 Twitter: @thelastlayover 

- Survivor Jane







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