I instantly realized that this book is not just for the preparedness minded.  It is a wonderful resource for females of all ages, especially those who have concerns about the ‘stuff’ put in our everyday lotions and potions.  I would also recommend this book for men; there are several sections that would be useful for the ‘guys’ in our lives.  [Not just for their own personal use, but as an insight into things that they might have to deal with for the ladies involved in their preparedness plans].    Most of the recipes Survivor Jane uses include everyday items that we all have in our homes.  Yes, there are a few extra things that would be nice to have on hand, but I have made my wish list and will be picking up those items over the next few weeks. frontcovereshrevised

I figure what I pay for one bottle of fancy moisturizer; I can get a hardcopy of the book and a few other things on my wish list and be set for a very long time!

Surivor Jane does a wonderful job of describing and including easy-to-understand instructions.  I joke about being ‘domestically challenged’, but seriously if I am given good instructions I can do it, therefore you can too. 

She also handles that ever-so-dreaded topic of feminine hygiene very eloquently….It’s not fun to think about, but we have to.

This wonderful resource will hold a very special place in our personal library!

Thanks Survivor Jane!

Amazon: Survivor Jane's Guided To: Emergency/Survival Hygiene

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