I received my 'do not record, share, duplicate, blah, blah, blah ... soon-to-be-released first episode of the new Doomsday Preppers series - Premiering February 7th at 9pm ET on National Geographic Channel.

As I ripped open the taped brown box, I could hardly wait to see if we ... humpf, ... I say 'we' as if I'm referring to some special members-only club or something, ... I mean ... the Doomsday Preppers will be shown in that weird 'the sky-is-falling' 'tin-foil hat' sort of way.

I plunked in the DVD and hunkered down on my comfy overstuffed sofa, pen and paper in hand, ready to watch and write away.

At the conclusion of the show, I sat there for a moment thinking about everything I had just seen. And my first thought???  'Ewwwww that's not me, those people ARE weird!' 'I don't live in a shipping container, I don't eat grass, and I definitely won't be found out partying (okay drinking) at a night-club with by bug-out-bag at my feet!

And what's with the 'man ponytail thing?' all the guys seem to have, I  don't remember that being a criteria for prepping? I personally prefer a well groomed man ... but then I digress.

Okay.  Breeee-ath. That was me 'reacting' to what I had just seen.

Now let me 'respond'. 

Every one of these Doomsday Preppers has the same objective or goal as other preparedness-minded people, including me.  And that is, to survive whatever may come their way and to live to tell about it. To do this there must be a plan and preparation. And, that plan has got to be well thought out, flexible and subject to change at any time; sometimes multiple times (that's where mental preparedness comes in by the way - being able to adapt to whatever hand you are dealt and responding accordingly.)   

Thinking back, each Doomsday Prepper had the basics needs - food, water, shelter; with the added fire (a way for warmth) and first-aid.

Granted, some had more than others and some had 'a lot' more than others (just sayin ...)

With their basic needs came a way to protect themselves - you know, self defense, albeit physical and mental, a knife, gun or whatever.  Again, some were a little more 'protected' than others.

I compared each Doomsday Prepper's preparedness to mine. 

First food.

I have food. I dehydrate, can, freeze and have long-term food storage items. I have a garden, a seed bank and if need be, the means and ability to hunt.

Next water.

I have a water well, with backup rain-water-barrels and a cistern should my well pump fail.

Then shelter.

I have a passive solar home; south facing windows, with an adjoining greenhouse. So no need for air-conditioning or central heat. I have solar lighting, a wood stove, good storage space and adequate self-protection.

So really, thinking about it, I may not be so different from these individuals after all - well ... with the exception of ... wearing make-up, painting my nails, having my hair done, whitening my teeth, wearing heels  ... okay, okay, I know ..., digressing again.

Bottom line?  Survival Preparedness is not a one-size-fits-all. Within our basic needs are individuals and individual plans.

The message from Doomsday Preppers is clear - the end of the world - 'As We Know It' - can happen, and at anytime from a myriad of different causes or events. For this reason we must have a flexible plan in order to survive what ever comes our way.

So, whadda ya think?

Am I so different from these Doomsday Preppers after all?

You tell me.  Just sayin ...

- Survivor Jane


For more info. visit – http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/doomsday-preppers/ 

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