survival slingshot 2When I first saw the Survival Slingshot I knew that this too had the potential to be one of my go-to essential preps as well. Now you may be thinking, you could just go to a department store and pick up a slingshot in the toy department, and yes you are correct, you could. But again, we are talking survival here not outdoor fun and games.

The Survival Slingshot is not a toy – far from it. It is a multiuse preparedness item. But, before I get into its uses, let me share a little about the Survival Slingshot and when I’m finished maybe you will have some thoughts of your own on different ways you could fit this into your survival preps. 

What I loved right from the start about the makers of the Survival Slingshot is that they think on the same lines as I do.  Be prepared.  The standard slingshot comes with line, fishing weights, fish hooks, needles, pins, thread, fishing line, and swivels. I know, right!?? That is a lot of stuff. “But where do you keep all those items?” you ask. Well that’s the part I was talking about;  the slingshot having multiple uses.  The handle of the Survival Slingshot is made from hollowed aircraft aluminum so it’s water tight. In the handle you can fit two (2) 2.875 x .875? tubes; one to hold all those goodies I meantioned above (extra survival gear), and the other tube holds approximately 40 rounds of steel shot ammunition. Talk about easy access!  And, the cap on the handle, when removed has a compass in it. This company was thinking! The slingshot is fitted with a high powered 25 lb. pull band (surgical tubing) threated with a leather pouch and attached to a steel yoke.

The Standard model of the Survival Slingshot can be fully customized for your own practical needs with the integrated rail system (2 standard mounting points) to add mount bases and/or scope mounts. Why would you need custom mounts on a slingshot?  Because this isn’t an ordinary slingshot! It also shoots standard arrows! Yep. The base model comes with a 1.25" split ring and bands for archery capability but, if you don’t want to fool with customizing your slingshot yourself, the company offers an Archer model. This model includes everything the base model has (ammo, fishing hooks, line, weights, swivel, needle, thread and integrated compass) but is fitted with a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit for increased arrow accuracy (that folds away when not in use to shoot regular ammunition - the steel shot.) And, the next model up, the Archer Complete comes with everything above and a tactical light for shooting at night. And if this isn't enough .. the company is also coming out with an optional bow fishing attachment.  This thing is amazing.

I know you are thinking, this slingshot must be pretty bulky. Actually not. It all breaks down fully (including the yoke) and can fit into a back pocket … or for us ladies, a pocket book (handbag).

survival slingshot accessoriesYou will notice that in my picture of goodies I have pretty pink matches and a strike plate, well unfortunately, I got my Survival Slingshot before government regulations stepped in and said that maybe this wouldn’t be such a good idea shipping matches and strike plates through the mail.  Geeze ...details.

The reason I wanted to review this slingshot is because, personally I know a lot of people who are not comfortable with a firearm and won’t have one in their home. Because of this, if they were to be forced out of their home, they would be defenseless in protecting themselves and/or hunting game for food. Also, for me, firearms make noise. In a grid down scenario you don’t want to “announce” that you have a firearm … or worst yet, your location. Using a Survival Slingshot you have the option to use the steel ball ammunition or arrows (Darrel of Walking Dead you’ll have nothing on me); both are silent when shot and, because most of us grew up with slingshots they are less threatening and don’t have the “scary-factor” to them.

I must admit, as will the cat, the side of my house, an old oak tree and a few other near misses, that the Survival Slingshot takes practice – both with the ammunition (steel shot) and the arrows. The directions sound easy enough, …pull back with the fork 45 to 90 degrees from upright and release the shot smoothly. Use a consistent style for best results and accuracy. I have the consistent style part down, it consistently goes where I don’t what it to go. But then that is what practice is for. Don’t wait until you need an item and then try to use it. Oh, and safety first! Always wear eye-protection (or in the case of the cat – full body armor, just sayin’.)

The Survival Slingshot is not a Toy … it’s a Tool … a Survival Tool.

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