junk gold We’ve all heard, 'bring your solid gold to us and we'll give you money' ads on the radio and TV and frankly, as I look down into my jewelry box and see all those bent and battered rings, knotted and claspless chains and, orphan charms, of 24k gold, I wonder “why not?”

Well, the ‘why not’ is that 24k gold (solid gold) may just be our new form of currency in the not so far future.  And yes, gold is gold whether it’s a gold bullion, ingot, coin, bracelet or charm; if its 24k, its gold.

Ten States have already initiated bills into legislation that would allow the State to use gold; and silver, as legal tender.  What this could mean is that all monetary transactions could eventually be in gold or silver.

Now granted, its not law as of yet, but why turn your gold over to some shyster (who by the way is going to rip you off) for money when you may want to hang on to it when our dollar is worthless. Ladies, you can consider your gold jewelry as portable wealth.

To date, Georgia, Montana, Missouri, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington have proposed legislation to include gold and silver as acceptable currency forms.

For those who didn’t listen in history (yeah me included) our United States Constitution reads in part:  Article I, Section 10, "No State shall... make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts".  Opps, it appears that’s not happening!  Ever heard of "Federal Reserve Notes"?  In 1973 the gold standard changed and currency became ‘fiat’ money whose value is controlled by you guessed it, the Federal Government.  And, some argue that fiat money has no backing and would be entirely worthless, except for the fact that we have been persuaded to use and accept it as if it had worth – go figure. bullion coins

Another benefit to your solid gold jewelry is that it is handled differently by the Government than say, gold bullion bars or coins and ‘knock on wood’ has so far never been confiscated by them, unlike with the Gold Act of 1933, when the Government confiscated all privately owned gold bullion and coins at a cost below market price.

Girly-girls the next time you choose that piece of bling to go with your outfit, look at it as money in the bank, realizing this could very well be your future buying power. 

Or, when buying bling, know with confidence, you are making a stable investment in not only your style but your future (remember, the price of gold almost never goes down and even when it does, it ramps up again before too long.)

I know, I know, this is a lot to ponder for our pretty little heads, but just one more thought in closing, think how gold is actually recovered -taken from the ground, I don’t see us panning for gold any time soon, do you? Or for that matter ruining our mani's to do so!  

Keeping your gold jewelry near and dear sounds a whole like nicer  - huh?

- Survivor Jane



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