How many times have you driven by, or through an exclusive neighborhood and sighed “man, what I wouldn't give to live in that house” Or "if I had a car like that…".   luxury carThe truth of the matter is with the state of our current economy we need to think more about how to adjust our living.    

I have heard and read more and more accounts of family suicides where the husband kills his wife and their children and then, himself.  These are the same people who live in those big houses and drive those great cars. Why did they destroy themselves and their families?  Simply stated, shame.  People are so use to portraying an ‘image’ of what they think people see them as, that they totally become blinded by it all when it is taken away.  When financial disaster strikes, they can see no way out but to ‘disappear’.  They have spent the majority of their time impressing others, thinking wealth is measured in material objects. and continually comparing their wealth against that of others. They are what they own. 

It’s a given, we all like nice things - just like the best of them.  But, (hopefully) we have learned how to achieve the and live within our means.  While some are out buying the $300 pair of jeans, we are out bargain shopping and buying the designer knock-off purses and jewelry.   We also know how to get those very same jeans by waiting for sales or shopping at discount retailers at a fraction of the price!  And yes, look like a million bucks too!

But the sad truth is, if you lose your job, income or business, whether the monthly mortgage payment is $1200 a month or $12,000 a month, the money is still not coming in - period.

What I am getting to here is that we have to dig deep within ourselves to define what is truly important in life.  Should there be a major economic collapse … what would you have?  What then, would the definition of “wealth” be?   

healthI would suggest that now is the time to start investing more in your future, by investing in things  like your health and fitness.  Prepare now, so when things do take a turn for the worse (and they eventually will), you will be prepared to handle it.   Begin thinking about what it is that you are purchasing albeit, food, supplies, personal items, etc. before buying them.  Do you really need it? (Don’t confuse “need” for “want”.)  Will it benefit you and your future goals?  Do you already have something that may work instead?

Also, do some housecleaning.  Sell things you don’t need.  Forego shopping for clothes and shoes (ouch! I know), instead, trade items you no longer want with your friends.  Remember the old adage: one man’s (er ..  and woman’s) junk is another's treasure?   Cut out eating at restaurants – have dinner in, and cancel the home phone line most people have cell phones now have internet access.  

This is about saving and investing for your future.  It might not be the future that we’ve dreamt of … but if we plan and prepare … it will be a future we will live to tell about.

Just sayin'.

- Survivor Jane






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