Soup. tomato soup grilled cheeseThe first thing that comes to my mind is cold winters with a cup of steaming hot tomato soup and a melt in your mouth grilled cheese sandwich.  Ummmm. Yummmeee.

A while back I heard tomato soup, along with chicken noodle and cream of mushroom are the top three choices of soup in the U.S., This got me to thinking that maybe we might want to look into soups further as a food source should food become scarce.
The word 'soup' is from the Latin word ‘suppa’ which means bread soaked broth (I guess that's where we get soup and sandwich huh – bread and broth? Just guessing.)
Soup, as with a lot of the ol' standbys of days gone by, has a long history dating back to 6000 BC as a basic sustenance (a little history lesson here).
In a survival situation we too may need to make soup for sustenance - i.e., something that keeps someone or something alive.
So I thought it good to know a little about the stuff (soup.)
There are two groups of soup; the clear and then the thick.  
It can be made with everything from meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables (yes I said fruits - soup doesn't always have to be hot ya know!)  In fruit soups, the fruit is left raw and the flavor intensified by steeping it in the seeds, pits, stems and skin of the fruit (heck, even I can make that!!!) 
Soup is made by simply combining such things as meat and vegetables with stock, juice, water or any other liquid. Heck, there's even a story about making 'stone soup' . The story goes, there was this guy making soup with a rock and some water in a big pot, Intrigued, the town's people inquired as to what he is making. He replied "stone soup", and then would suggest things that would make the "stone soup" better. The people would go and get whatever he suggested. Time after time this happened until he had a big pot of veggie soup to share with the whole town all made from a stone and water!  Oh, just a survival note, you can actually heat water by taking heated rocks and placing them in the water.
The neat thing about soup is, it allows us to experiment with meats, herbs, seasonings and spices (so add them to your food supplies now). herbs spices
Think of it. 
While one piece of meat may feed a few, imagine what soup made with this same piece of meat and some herbs and spices added in would feed. Or, how many more meals you could get out of it.

Start being creative and begin making soup out of leftovers or things you have in your pantry. Think survival and some of the things that MAY be available to you in a poo-hits-the-fan scenario ... and then think of things you MAY NOT have.
- Survivor Jane


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