Step away from the “happy burger” counter!

Notice how it seems as if all the ‘Happy Burger’ Restaurants are now helping us in this tough economic time by creating a “cheap chips” menu?   hamburger

Or, as most of us fondly referred to them as - the Dollar or $1 Menu? (Speaking of Dollar Menus - funny how the symbol ‘$’ looks like you are paying less than the word ‘Dollar’ huh????)

We have been programmed to think – “if we purchase items from a dollar menu we must be getting a good deal.” Right? 

Far from it sister!  Look at what happens.  We walk up to the counter.  We look at the dollar menu and are amazed at how “cheap” everything is.  They we order.  After all it’s just a dollar!  You get a happy burger, fries, a dessert, a fountain drink and a shake.   You have just managed to spend more on your lunch then you would have on a “value meal” - the big brother to the dollar menu. 

Also, you have just managed to rack up a whopping 3,000 calories in doing so.  That’s right, all this and more just by ordering off the Dollar Menu!!

Reality check.  In order to survive a survival situation, you need to start thinking nature’s food.  Land and sea.   You know, nuts, veggies, fruits, meats, fish, poultry, and dairy - caveman style cuisine.  Ugh!  “Where’s the flavor in that”, you say? 

fruit-basketWell if the truth be told, the flavor that you have become accustom to is nothing more than preservatives. 

Let me throw this at you, sister.  Currently there are over 3,000 food additives registered with the FDA. 

In the United States alone, there are nearly 10,000 new processed food products introduced every year; almost all of them include flavor additives.   Sounds good huh?  Not so yummy after all. 

Think about this.  There won’t be any Happy Burger Restaurants open should a disaster strike.   So, now is the time to start grooming yourselves to eat from the earth opposed to from the bag. 

By doing this, our systems will be better adapted to anything that comes our way.  We’ll be stronger and healthier from the get-go.   Plus by eating caveman style you are fueling your body with more protein and less fat.

If and when the time comes that we have to eat raw veggies, or sip hot soup from a can – it will actually taste good AND we'll know what we are actually eating.

- Survivor Jane







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