In today's economy unfortunately money, to some, is a deterrent in properly protecting their homes.  Sure, its a given you may not be able to afford that big elaborate security system, that you tell what you need done with your smart phone in hand, but you can afford a roll of tape, right? 

Yes, a simple roll of tape along with a few other household or craft items will work wonders in protecting your home.  And most, if not all, can be purchased at the dime store – er, the dollar store or your local hardware store.   

I began to wonder just how many inexpensive items there are out there that you could protect your home with.   And the great news is, in my quest, I found a ton of ways and items that can be purchased for a dollar - or even get for free. 

Think about it.  Everyone has a roll of clear tape lying around.  How about fishing wire or sewing thread?  These are things we may have readily handy or can be purchased at dollar-type store. 

Go out to your garage or attic and look around.  See any orphan 2 x 4 (pieces of wood) lying around?  If so, you can actually use a 2 x 4 by placing it up under your door knob as a wooden jamb to avoid a door being kicked open - if you don't know this, the weakest point of the door is almost always the lock strike plate. 

How about your craft or hobby supplies?  Most assuredly, you have a wooden dowel.  Instantly, this dowel can be turned into a security measure for your sliding door by putting it into the track to preventing it from opening (a 2 x 4 can also be used).  This system also works to secure your windows as well, especially those old-types that the locks many be a little worn, just jimmy the stick under the window to avoid opening from the outside.  You may also want to back a few of the screws out from along the top track of your sliding glass door this will keep someone from being able to take the door off the track.  Cheap huh? 

Look through your holiday crafts.  If you have any jingle bells, tie a few of them on strings and hang them on your doors.  Every time the door is moved - the bells will jingle.  How easy is that?!  Of course you many get a little ribbing about keeping your holiday decorations up until you share your little home security secret with your house guests!    

Tape, sewing thread and fishing wire can also be used for security.  For instance, say you are going away for the weekend (or a vacation), take some neutral colored thread (tan, grey, black, brown) or fishing wire and string it across your back gate about 36" to 40" high (make it high enough that it won't be knocked down by wandering animals but can’t be seen by an intruder), when you arrive back home, look to see if the thread has been disturbed, if it has don’t go in the house.  

Another idea that goes hand-in-hand with the thread or fishing wire idea is security seals.  You know, like those labels that are fastened onto items to avoid tampering with?   This same concept can be used in your home as well.  Just take some tape (preferably clear), tear off a piece and put it in the lower corners of all exterior doors  - just like you've seen done by crime scene techs after investigating a crime scene on those cop shows?   If you see that the tape has been ripped from the door you know you have had a visitor while you were gone.   You can also do this little trick on your vehicle by putting tape on your doors, hood and trunk while at work or in a parking lot.  

Now, this is where speed dial comes in handy on your cell-phone - if you sense danger, go back to your car and lock yourself in or go to a neighbor's house and dial 911 (if you haven't done so already program 911 to speed dial on your phone - this is one of those free ideas by the way)

Speaking of neighbors, say you see that your rich neighbor has installed a big mac-daddy security system (invariably with the system they will receive a ba-gillion security-stickers for their windows and doors), if you are friendly enough with them, ask if you can have any stickers that they won't be using to put on your windows and doors (its amazing how a bad guy will skip over a home they "think" has a security system!)

Here are some additional ideas you may want to consider, like installing a peep hole in your front door, replacing the strike plate screws in your doors with screws that go all the way into the framing of the walls and, installing a deadbolt.  All of these can be purchased at a dollar-type store. 
Timers are a great deterrent.  Place them in different parts of your home, and while you are away, have them set so your lights come on and go off at different intervals.  This gives the appearance of someone being home, and yep you guessed it, they can be purchased at a dollar-type store as well.   

There are also the common sense security measures like locking your doors and windows every time you leave the house - free! 

And last, but not least, get a dog.  Grant it, you may not be able to get one at the dollar-type store - but I'll bet you can get one for free!  And a dog will afford you instant companionship and the best security system money could buy (if you had any)!

“Excuse me, does your dog bite?” Just sayin'.

- Survivor Jane










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