Ever thought about rope before?
Me neither really.  That is until I needed some for a project and went on the hunt for some. 
I never realized how many different types of “rope” there are!   In my quest, I found a bucket with bookudles of twine, nylon rope and string, all snaked together like a giant pretzel gone bad.
Looking down at the entangled mass I wondered if there was one rope that could work for just about anything need one would have in a survival situation.

The search was on.

Now some may or may not agree, but what I found was 550 - 7 strand paracord or some call it parachute cord. 
After a little more reading about paracord, I went out and bought this mighty rope.

And know what????  This stuff is really great.  And in my opinion, perfect for my survival reserves. 

Why?  Well first and foremost, because it weighs next to nothing.  This will be a huge factor if you are caught in a situation where you actually have to carry your things with you.  It will be one of the ‘must haves’ for me.

Next?  I think 7 strands all woven together are far superior to say the three strand type of rope. Seven strands?  This has to mean something, right?  And by golly it does.  In my research I found where it withstood a 550 lb. test!   That’s pretty durable.

And then of course there’s every girls dream - a choice in colors.  Well in all honesty it’s not a lot of colors, but it does come in colors other than white just in case you want to add a little pop to your camos!

Speaking of adding pop with colors, you can also use paracord to make a make-shift belt or suspenders (some girls do too wear them!).  Or make a shoe string or two. And even tie your hair back with it.

Want more personal aids?  How about using a filament of paracord for dental floss?  Or to stitch up a wound? 

But back to some survival uses.  Let’s see, you could use it for tenting, clothes lines, and yes in an emergency even repel or tie things down with.  

See what I mean about the uses???
Now I’ll have to admit, this one grabbed my attention.  Uh, well, I read where you could string up a dear (teehee giggle giggle – I think they meant a deer) but I’m sure if push came to shove you may be tempted a time or two to string up your ‘dear’!

Again back to paracord.  If it gets wet, it dries quickly and won’t rot or mildew.  That’s a really good thing. Nothing worse than that mildew-y smell.

If you were put in a situation where you needed to hunt for your food, you could use parachord to make a snare out of it.  Or how about this?  Make a make-shift a bow and grab you some long sticks for arrows?  And for fishing?  Just make yourself a fishing line. 

From what I’ve read, I could go on and on with this list.  But why spoil all the funny and do the work for you???

Go get your own paracord and start being creative before you need to be.  

Now where’s that man of mine?  Here dear … here deary dear.  I want to try something on you …

- Survivor Jane







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