I remember the first time I saw the phrase 'band-aids, bean and bullets".  The article I was reading stressed the urgency to have all these things in-order.

What’s the big deal I thought?  No worry here, you are talking to Ms OCD herself! In fact, you are not going to find a more organized (okay obsessive) person then me. (Well maybe there are a few of us out there) But the point is, I’m pretty darn organized!  Not only are the band-aids in my medicine cabinet in order; arranged large to small, but the cotton balls and gauze are sitting next to the adhesive tape, and the antiseptic ointment is at the ready with the peroxide bottle close by.  My whole medicine cabinet is neat, orderly and readily accessible in case of the all to frequent ‘kitchen disaster’ (a cooking burn or chopping cut).
And my pantry?  Well I am here to say that the beans are not only in order but are also organized as to what kind of bean they are. I told you I’m organized!
Now, the bullet thing? That I must admit was a puzzler for me at the time.  But, I just chalked it up to being a guy thing and that the phrase was meant to be more gender friendly for both women and men.  Yes and no. Yes, the phrase is meant to be for both women and men, but no, bullets were not just a guy thing.
The phrase having your band-aids, beans and bullets in order actually means being prepared for whatever disaster may come your way.
Band-aids represent first-aid and having all the medically necessary items one could possibly foresee needing or using in a catastrophic event, including band-aids.  Its like ‘band-aids’ is the catch all category for any and all medical supplies you may need in a disaster including the knowledge you may need to administer first-aid.
Beans represent our food supply (including water). This is anything from rice to flour and all the foods in between, to all your cooking utensils and so on and so forth.  Anything and everything we would need to proved us sustenance in this same catastrophic event.
And bullets?  This represents any and all means to protect and defend yourself and family, your food supply, property and medical supplies.
We've all probably weathered a storm or two, in our day, albeit snow, ice or a hurricane, and with these experiences we have dealt with the inconvenience of having no power for a few days. Think back.  Remember how you scurried around to find candles and flashlights so you could see? And in doing so stubbed your toe in the dark?  
If you had organized yourself in such a way, you would have known where the candles/flashlights were and would not have had to use precious battery time hunting for the band-aids and antiseptic ointment to treat that injured toe of yours.

Having your 'band-aids, beans and bullets' in order means not having to scurry around to find something in a disaster or emergency.  It’s the basics of preparedness.
If you have food, water, medical supplies and a means of self-defense, this is your foundation for survival preparation.   And – as we all know, a foundation is the start of a new beginning!

Remember it is more common to die because of lack of preparation then it is from the disaster itself. Just sayin'.

- Survivor Jane





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