Okay, so it’s a given – the other gem - to some of us is … well, is a four letter word (with one letter knocked off that is). Even though we know our bodies need exercise to be strong and healthy we shutter at the thought of going to the gym. (Yes you do.)

Of course that wasn't always the case.  We've all had that time in our lives when we did the ‘cute little gym number’ and new make-up thing - thinking to our self, "hey if I look good that’s half the battle, right?"  

You make your entrance in to the gym and head straight for the stationary bikes - pausing just a moment to catch a glimpse of yourself in the glimmering silver metal of the workout machines - making sure hair and make-up are intact (and possibly catching the eye or two of someone as you walk by as an added bonus). 

As you hop up on the bike …er rather glided on it as if you were entering a limousine – you make sure to keep both legs poised until fully seated.  Then once feet are firmly planted, you peddle away for maybe 60 seconds (but feels more like an hour). As you dab your forehead with your designer towel you exclaim for all within earshot, “Whew …that was a work-out”. 

Swinging your legs off the bike, you grab your phone and proceed to go down the list until you find someone available for lunch and conversation, making sure, of course, to mention you will be coming straight from the gym so please excuse your work-out attire.

Ah, for the day huh?

Just a little hint.  Those days are still here.  We all need exercise to stay healthy and Exercise Bikehappy.  There are a few of us however who have a mindset that because we can’t get out of work early enough or can’t get away from the house that we can’t exercise.

Well good news girlies!  I have a few exercises to cure that mindset; okay let’s change it to ‘routines’ that you can do to get you on your way. 

I dug around to see what others are doing and came up with some well mindless routines that have great results.

Wanna a million dollar butt for … well free?  While watching television or a movie, reading a book, or even driving, flex your abs and butt muscles.  Time the flexes for the length of a commercial, a couple of pages read or street signs passed.  Make a game out of it. And before you know it, wha la - bubble butt here you come!  And, as an added bonus your abs will be as flat as a pancake too (well depending on who makes them that is).

For those awesome biceps (the Popeye muscle) lift something 3 to 5 lbs with one hand by pulling the item towards your shoulder then back down, then switching to the other arm and repeat the move.  When you get good at that, you may want to try and work on what I call the ‘hanging participial’ - that part of your grandmother’s arm that hangs down and wiggles when she lifts her arm up (and looks like it needs a sling to hold it up)? You know what I’m taking about.  Well take your 3 to 5 lb item and instead of bringing it up, swing it back behind you (not literally) but hang on to it like you were going to throw a bowling ball, keeping your elbow bent a little, then bring it back down.

Heck anything you pick up these days weighs at least 3 lbls (you’d be surprised). Do these routines 10 times each and work up to 3 sets.  Promise you will have some awesome arms for those sleeveless numbers in no time.  

Next for legs and an all over cardio work-out.  Put on a few Lady Gaga songs (or your fav heart thumping-can’t sit still-one you sing to at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled up when driving-artist) and, while vacuuming, washing the dishes, cooking or whatever, crank that baby up and dance like the inner dancer you know you to be.  Or watch some music video and mimic the performer’s moves (they’re harder than just watching them). Caveat – yes you will be totally embarrassed if someone walks in on you – but hey we are talking all for the sake of looking good right?

Now about the not-so-cool stuff - the health benefits talk of doing these routines.  Which, there are tons of and too many to lists, but just to name a few, it reduces the risk of; heart disease, developing diabetes, developing high blood pressure, developing colon cancer, or depression and anxiety, it also helps control weight, builds healthy bones and strong muscles and over all really makes you psychology feel better.

Exercise er … I mean doing the routines and health will greatly improve your odds for survival of anything and everything that comes your way. And maybe, just maybe you'll find your self back in the gym (oops I said a bad word).

Remember it all started for free.

And if it’s free it’s for me!

- Survivor Jane






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