Have you ever stopped to consider exactly what shoes you would be wearing if you were forced to 'get outta dodge' on foot in a disaster??

I mean think about it. You have a different pair of shoes for just about every outfit. Metallic and jewel encrusted sandles for that cute aqua sun dress with matching metallic belt. The black and red 4" Michael Kors baby dolls to go with that form fitting Lauren pencil skirt. And the Cole Haan espadrilles that go perfectly with those DKNY capris.

When wearing those shoes, I would venture to guess, and it would be a safe bet, that by the end of the day your feet have probably had enough and you are ready to kick your shoes off. Why? Because most shoes are made for style not comfort and ne'er the twain shall meet.

Take a minute and look in your closet. Is there any pair of shoes/boots in there that you could keep on your feet AND walk-in comfortably? And again to reiterate the point here, by boots I am NOT talking about the little Nine West numbers you got on sale at the after Christmas sale and are just dying for an excuse to wear.

In time of disaster, should you be forced to have to head out on foot you need shoes on you feet that are made for exactly that. Walking.

Walking could mean, walking in all types of inclement weather conditions and a myriad of terrains...and consider the fact that in certain disasters you may have to walk through glass shards, hazardous chemicals, building rubble, or even snake infested swamps, in order to make your way to safety.

Just as you have done with your outfits, you now must begin to consider what boots you will wear to go with, 'getting outta dodge'.

The boot you decide on may be the uglies boot you've ever seen. And you will think that because your focus has always been on style.. When making your decision this time around, there are critical issues you need to think about..

Choose a boot that will protect and support your feet on the toughest terrain. Keeping in mind the heavier your BOB (Bug Out Bag) the more support you will need.

Also consider what the boot is made of. Fabric-and-leather boots are lighter and easier to break in, but all-leather boots offer added protection and durability in rigorous terrain, and are also water resistant and breathable.

Let's look at some of the different types of boots you may consider:

Trail Shoes - used for dry climates and on well-established paths. These boots are ideal for one-hour to one-day hikes; carrying a light day pack.

Next, Trail Hikers - used if you are going to encounter steeper inclines and muddy paths, or plan to stay out three days to a week. Look for sturdier, higher-cut waterproof boots to provide added stability and ankle protection against protruding limbs and rocks.

And lastly, Mountaineering - used if you plan to climb in the mountains. You will need an extremely strong boot with a stiff sole to give your ankles support and protection as you climb on challenging terrain.

In a survival situation, good shoes/boots can be the difference between your surviving, or not.

Remember you are only as strong as your foundation, (that's your feet). Just sayin'.

- Survivor Jane


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