Just so you know, if you don’t already, it doesn’t matter how much you cram into that bug-out-bag of yours, how many survival books or blogs you’ve read or even how fit you think you are.  You are not prepared until you have physically headed out into the wide blue yonder with all that knowledge and supplies in hand – and then survived to tell about it.

Most of us have our bag packed and ready to grab.  Have survival knowledge.  And, consider ourselves physically fit.   And by “fit” I mean you fall into the normal “fit” criteria of eat right, get enough sleep, exercising and take vitamins and/or supplements. 

vvvvrrrrrpppp …  Stop the press!   Think again.  We are not as ‘fit’ or prepared as we think we are girly girls.   

"Hey wait a minute!" you say. 
Okay, okay, let me put it this way. 
Are you prepared for walking in a heat index of 109° all day and into the night? physically fit 
Prepared to walk in wet socks and shoes being bitten all the way by black flies and mosquitoes?  
Prepared (oh the shame of it all) to sweat (and yes girl’s do by the way). 
Prepared to tromp through tall grass, muddy water, all the while subtracting and donning clothes along the way?  
Prepared to not have your hot or iced cocoa-chocolate’-mocha-latte’ frou-frou coffee drink every two hours?     

Ever notice how coaches - albeit athletic, musical or otherwise, stress practice, practice, practice??? 
Am I Right? 
And guess what? 
There’s a method to this madness! 
Just looking at some of the definitions of practice should tell us something …  learn by repetition; systematic training by multiple repetitions.

Key word?  Repetition, doing something over and over.

Human nature tells us that because we have read all those books and have a bag packed that we are set, that we are prepared. 

Well missy, if you are thinking just that, you are only fooling yourself into a false sense of security.   

When was the last time you walked anywhere?  No, to the bathroom to check your make-up does not count. 

physically fit 2If you don’t currently take the stairs at work, you need to start – today. 

If you jump in your car every time you need to go to the store just around the corner you need to start walking there too.  “But I have to carry groceries home” you moan. Duh?? 

I hate to throw this at you girly-girl … but you’re gonna be carrying far heavier things in your bug-out-bag than a couple of Walmart bags!!!  In fact, you might want to purposely do all of your grocery shopping and walk home to build up your endurance.
Sounds painful?  That’s the point. 

Bugging out will be painful.  Very painful.     

If it’s raining out.  Forget the umbrella.  Forget the raincoat.  Get out there and get wet.  Really wet.
“But what about my hair???” you say.   That is why God invented hats!!!   Double duh!! 
The bottom line is, if there is a hard way to do something.  Start doing it.  Stop taking the path of least resistance.
Life as we know it will be hard.  Bordering at times on the impossible. 

Keep in mind necessity is the mother of invention.  You make things happen in the time of need.

Now get out there!  And smile! Just sayin'.

- Survivor Jane


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