Want to hear a sobering thought? 

In the event of a nation-wide disaster in North America, there probably won’t be any relief coming to our aid from abroad.

Scary huh?  Think about it.  We, along with our Government, have been coming to the rescue and aid of other Countries in time of need, time and time again. Unfortunately, the reality is, this may not hold true for us from others.   

Imagine what would happen should disaster befall the good ol’ U.S. of A.

We a nation of people who are dependant on having, 'help on the way'. 

We call an ambulance if we are injured.  The fire department should there be a fire.  The police if we are threaten.  And yes, the pizza delivery guy if we are hungry.  Help is ALWAYS on the way in our Country.

But in a disaster, what will happen if the main roads are blocked?  What if critical government buildings are destroyed?  Or heavens forbid key government decision makers are injured or killed?  

The answer? 

We will be forced to fend for ourselves (not a bad thing by the way). 
We have watched on our big screen televisions in the comfort of our home, news as disasters have unfolded.  We watch as people walk around dazed, some injured, holding whatever worldly possession(s) they could salvage.  Others with nothing.  All crying out.  Begging for help.  Later, will come the pleas for food, water and shelter. 

We have heard how an inanimate object; something as simple as a bowl, in a split second turns from a cereal bowl to a digging utensil, a bucket to hold water, a basket to gather and, a wash basin to bathe.  And yes, if need be - a weapon.

Ladies, think it can’t happen in our Country?  Think again.  Who ever said we are exempt from natural disasters? 

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Blizzards, these are but a few of the tragedies that could befall us at any given time.  Then, there are the unthinkables.  Terrorist attacks from our County by land, sea and/or air.  Again, as we have seen in the past, it can happen, and when we least expect it.

We must learn from past disasters, man-made and natural, that have been witnessed personally and from a far.

It is time to realize that should there be a catastrophic disaster, help may not be on the way, and possibly never will be.

It may be up to each individual as to how they will survive.

As I said before, it is our Nation’s nature to sit and wait for help. We as prepared survivors, on the other hand, must to be ready by having the resources for nourishment - Beans (food storage); protection - Bullets (a way to protect ourselves); and, the ability to administer health assistance - Band-aids (medical supplies, medicine, vitamins).

We must break away from the mentality of 'help is on the way' and focus on preparing ourselves individually, for ourselves and those around us.

Remember - 'B' prepared. Just sayin'.

- Survivor Jane





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