Sometime back, there was an article about a mother, after applying for and receiving her concealed weapons permit, wore her weapon of choice; a 9 mm semiautomatic Glock pistol, strapped to her waist for all to see, to her child’s ball game, much to the horror of the other parents.

Ladies, I will agree it is an exciting time when you take the concealed carry weapons permit class; an eight hour safety course educating you on the proper use of your gun and shooting at short and long range targets, all to finally earn that badge of honor – your permit. 

Unfortunately, like most new things we acquire, we have an innate tendency to want to show off our new, er … for lack of a better word - achievement.  

But, let’s get something straight. When dealing with weapons, concealed is more in line with say, we are concealing the fact we are wear those super trimming body shapers to look good wearing our skin tight jeans, type conceal.  A gun is not necessarily something we want others to know about or flaunt.

There are reasons to get a concealed weapons permit, lots of them. In fact, I would highly encourage all to do so. But, not so you can threaten to “bust a cap in someone’s rear” Ann Okley style, by wearing your weapon for all to see. This is for your safety and protection. With a concealed weapon, you have protection at the ready, for you.  

Now, having your weapon in your purse or a fanny pack is far more natural than having a holster (even though it does look cool), think of it like men walking in heels - its fun to try – but not natural.  Plus a holster may ride up too high on your hips and the grip of the gun ends up being round your armpit.  Or, the holster tends to push the muzzle of the gun outward, causing the grip of the gun to jam into your ribs.  It’s just a fact, women are built a bit different than men.

For me, even a holster that fits in the small of your back made me feel like I’m being held-up by someone in back of me, and the inside the ankle rig is like carrying a small kid around on your leg –  those were out of the question for me!

There are actually sleek, stylish gun purses that are made for our special little needs.  The purses are made for both right-hand and left-hand use and specifically designed for a wide range of firearms, with side entrances.  For a more professional look there are also small light handbags and even a brief case look.

If you opt for a side entrance gun purse, may I suggest looking for a zippered opening on the side?  I have found it a lot easier then hunting around through a velcro seam (which by the way makes a lot of noise and scratches the daylights out of your hand).  Plus, the weapon has its own compartment thus avoiding lipstick and powder caked on the hammer.

And as for holsters?  It appears the men folks have also gotten wise to our body shapes and have developed holsters that actually conform to our “curvy” anatomy should you opt for the holster carrying method. 

Keep this in mind.  It doesn’t do you any good to carry concealed if you cannot get to the gun easily and successfully when necessary.

Whether concealing a weapon in your purse, fanny pack or holster it is for us and us alone to know.

- Survivor Jane


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