I don't know about you, but if my hair isn't clean I'm miserable.  I mean grouchy miserable.  

This got me to thinking.  If the ‘poo’ hits the fan and we don’t have running water or it is weeks or longer before we come in contact with water – how will we wash our hair???

I can tell, like most of you, if I go more than a day or two without washing my hair … well - ewwww gross!! 

Just the thought of not washing my hair sends me back to grade school when somehow year after year,  I always ended up sitting behind the girl with the long black hair -  who it seems was preoccupied with things other than hygiene - we’re talking oil slick here.  A memory burned into my head.

So, how do we avoid the “girl-with-the-black-hair” syndrome when water is scarce or none at all?   How do we avoid the oil slick look?  I mean really, you can only do the ponytail/bun/braid/hat thing so long before it will actually stay up on its own (don't ewww me - you know what I'm talking about.)

Well, here is what I came up with.  The first thing I found was corn starch. 

With corn starch you just work a quarter of a cup of it into your hair and brush it out.  It lifts all the oil out of the hair.  You just section your hair and pour a little corn starch next to the roots. Once all your hair is sectioned and the corn starch applied just kinda massage it into your scalp; pulling it up from the roots on to the hair shaft (leave it in for about 3 minutes to allow the oil to absorb).  Then brush it out. See not so bad.

Next, Quaker Oats, not just for fiber!  oatmeal-old fashioned

I must admit this one would be a little tough for me, for no other reason except, I actually like to eat oatmeal.  So, for someone to use perfectly good food - would be ...well I'd have to ponder long and hard before using this one.  But, for those of you who there would be no love lost, just apply a cup of it to your hair (oh, dry and uncooked) and work it through with your fingers. The oats, like the corn starch will absorb the oil in your hair.  I guess the real reason for me not trying this method is for fear I'd be tempted to add cinnamon and honey and, suck on my hair!

Moving on.  Next.  How about this?  Flour?  This was actually the method our forefathers, er ... foremothers used.  Just take a handful of flour and work it through your hair, down to the roots, with your finger tips. Afterwards, brush it out. Your hair will be clean (it may be a little whitish but clean). 

And this one?  Good ol' baby powder.  Just sprinkle it liberally into your hair making sure to get it down into your roots and then brush it out. (I have to admit, I've used talc powder in a pinch before.  It worked great and made my hair smell so fresh.)

arm  hammer baking sodaAnd lastly, baking soda.  As you know, baking soda has a variety of uses and quite possibly is one of the items you already have packed in your BOB.  Like the others, just sprinkle some in your hair and work it in to remove all the oils and, afterwards brush it out.

As you will note, each of these has a common theme - they all are a powder form, well with the exception of the oats. 

If you are thinking to yourself, ‘this just isn’t for me’, never fear, there are actually dry hair products out on the market you may want to look into.  But before you get too caught up into looking, think about this.  In an “end of the world as we know it” world you will not be able to replace the hair product. So, it may behoove you to get used to what will actually be available.  I’m just sayin’.

Just having a way to make yourself feel a little better in a time of crisis may make a world of difference in your attitude.

- Survivor Jane


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