Here's another one of those 'what will we do when' thoughts’.

I was thinking about a post 'PHTF' life where we can't just get up and go out to a store and buy face wash and moisturizers.  'So then, what's a girl going to use to wash her face when there is no more soap?' I thought.

The answer?  Olive Oil.

bertolli extra virgin olive oilI know, I know!  It does sound a little counter-productive here to be putting oil on your already oily face?  Let alone the thought of washing with oil to remove oil? 

Like a lot of people, I thought that acne (those awful beasts that appear on your face outta no where) was caused by oil.  So my thinking was this, 'why on earth would any one want to put more oil on your face.  Right?'

News Flash!!  Oil is actually good for your skin!

After my due diligent research, I found that soaps actually strip the oil out of our skin, leaving it to repair itself by replacing the oil we just stripped away.   By washing with olive oil it replenishes the oil leaving you with clear skin free of blackheads, pimples, zits, whiteheads... or whatever your pet name is for the ‘beast’.

Washing your face with olive oil is nothing new under the sun either.  In fact, Mediterranean women have used olive oil for centuries on their skin and hair (hmmm wonder if this is where the term “olive skin” comes from? – well we’ll save that for another day shall we?

What I’ve learned is this, oil actually dissolves oil.  Or if you were to ask one of your nerdy chemistry friends you sat next to in school, they'd say "like dissolves like.” (You can really tell I was paying attention in chemistry. Not!)

There are actually several oils that can be used and even mixed together depending on your need.  Castor oil, a thicker oil, makes a great base coupled with say your olive oil or even sun flower seed oil.  You may want to experiment a little for your skin type (dry, oily, mixed).

Here is the ‘technique’ to washing with oil.  Pour a little oil in your hand (over the sink!). Take your finger tips and apply the oil to your face, massaging it in as you go to working it deep into your pours.  Run your wash cloth under hot steamy water (steamy not scalding mind you.)   Then, place a hot wash cloth over your face and allow it to cool (you know like they do at the spa.)  Wipe the olive oil off your face with the wash cloth and rinse it in the hot water.  Once again hold the wash cloth to your face until it cools (do this a couple of times if need be.)  Whatever you do, don’t scrub your face – wipe it.  After your little “me time” if your skin feels a little tight you can always add a drop or two of the oil and pat it on your face to absorb it.

The reason olive oil is so good for your skin is because it contains antioxidants; including flavonoids and catechins, which are also found in red wine, chocolate and, tea (the other goodies that we love!)  It also helps slow the aging process - which I am all about girls!   In fact, I must confess, when I first started researching olive oil and its benefits, I was tempted to go out and buy the stuff by the 55 gallon drums!  Of course, then reality set in, and I realized when the 'PHTF' I would have to move it and well I’ve opted for the large box store sizes!

As a bonus, olive oil is also great for hair and the rest of your skin and can also be used as effective shaving oil.

So in one glorious bottle we can look fabulous in a not so fabulous world!!!

Who said you can't take care of yourself should the world cease as we know it??

- Survivor Jane


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