Most of us assume that because we don’t talk to our co-workers, our neighbors or in some instances even our family, that our secret is secure.

Well, whoa Nellie.  Not so fast.

There is nothing.  And I stress nothing we do or say that could not at some point down the road rear its dark ugly head.

Think about it.  We go to a big box store and come home with yet another 20 lb bag of rice.

You cautiously look around before unloading your car to see if any neighbors are out – the coast is clear - so you dart into the house, rice in tow.

What you may not have known is at that very instant your neighbor was secretly watching you behind their mini blinds and thinking to themselves, “How much rice can one person eat??  (And, yes mini blinds can be tilted so you can see out but cannot see in.)

People watch people.  It’s a natural curiosity.  We also tend to pry when we see something or hear something we don’t understand (remember Gladys Kravitz the nosey neighbor on Bewitched?)

How many times have you watched your neighbors without them knowing?   See?  Curiosity.  Or, just being down right nosey.

One way that we give our ‘secret’ away is by our physical response when confronted or asked about the subject. 

Have you ever been caught red-handed doing something or saying something regarding prepping?  

When questioned or confronted do you start jiggling your car keys?  Looking around? Playing with your hair?  Biting your finger nail?  Clearing your throat?  Touch your nose?   These are all part of our body language and signs of uneasiness and deceit.  

You need to become more aware of how you react when confronted and what your body does. 

When the subject comes up mentally think ‘relaxed’ this way your muscles loosen.  Also, take deeper breaths (not like hyperventilating) to get more oxygen to your brain to think clearer - which in turn will help relieve your overall nervousness.

Which brings me to the next point.
Are you on first name bases with the cashier at the store?  The bag boy?   Don’t you think after a while they could get curious to your shopping habits or frequent store visits?

How would you verbally respond to … “You gonna have another BBQ?  Didn’t you just have one last weekend?”

Remember … curiosity.

Again, would you become defensive and tell them it’s none of their business?   Do you lie and tell them you are on the new “rice diet”?   Do you begin to stammer and stumble all over your words trying to come up with a plausible answer?  Or just blurt out a chain of incoherent words that even you don’t know what you said as you walk away?

Girly girl, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

You need to be comfortable with your creative answering.

Am I promoting lying?   Absolutely NOT! 

I am merely suggesting you may want to ‘handle the truth recklessly’ though.
You see, lying is a very natural human trait. 

Most liars are either pathological or compulsive.  

We are neither.  We prevaricators (it sounds so much nicer doesn’t it?)

Prevarication - Latin for “bent” - is to stray from or evade the truth.

This way we are not outright lying to protect ourselves and everything we have worked so hard to put together.

We are just telling people what they want to hear.

Cross your fingers!

- Survivor Jane

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