I read an article recently about someone who died while at work - they loved their job.  

It was a fluke accident.

I wondered who in a million years would have though this could happened?
I can honesty say ... not many - if any at all.

I got to thinking if someone had shared with them (opened up the window of the future) that this could be the way they die, would they have done anything differently? 

Could they have done something differently?

Could they have been more prepared to prevent their death?  Hmmm who knows.

Thinking more about our future, I realized, the window of the future has been opened for us.  

We know that our life could end by a predictable or unpredictable disaster.

So why aren't we doing more to save our lives?

Ignorance?  Laziness?   Waiting for someone else to save us?

Looking back to the Y2K scare I learned, after the fact mine you, a lot of people prepared for 'the next day' - or ‘the-end-of-the-world-as-we-knew-it’ with supplies, water and food.

I remember that time - but not like they do.

Yeah, I had heard bits and pieces of conversation here and there that this was it (a totally collapse of society due to computer failures around the world). But I really didn't understand or comprehend the magnitude of what 'this is it' really meant.

I just knew that something very bad could happen on New Year's Day.

On New Year’s Eve, I stayed up to watched the ball drop, as did a lot of us, some (me) afraid to go to sleep - waiting for the 'next ball' to drop (or what the next day would bring.)   

I listened as the commentator announced as each country brought in their New Year.

And for all intents and purposes, nothing really happened throughout the night.

Thank goodness, because if life as we knew it had ceased on New Year’s Day, I would have been one of the millions or hundreds of millions of refugees walking the streets - hunting for food and water.

What scares me now is that we are again facing a possible collapse of society, with the economy, weather trends and unemployment, amongst other things and yet we go about our day not focused on what could actually happen. 

Is it because we don’t have a specific date for a disaster like we did Y2K?

If not, then what is it?

Why aren’t we doing more?

Well, actually we are.

By coming to this site you have acknowledged that you still have a lot of living you want to do ...

With or without looking through the window of the future we know the flooding, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and snow/ice storms have been the worst we've seen in decades.

So are the economy, housing and unemployment.

If you could save yourself would you?

Then do it.

- Survivor Jane

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