You know, I got to thinking. 

I use the words 'disaster' and 'catastrophe' a lot in my blog. 

And for me, I use them as catch words to describe - well uncertainties - or events that can happen - totally out of our control - that would make the difference between living and dying.

But ya know?  We use these same words every day - a little more freely - to describe occasions that are in no way related to a life or death situation.

Case in point.

How many times have we heard or even said ourselves, "That was a total disaster"?  

When in all actuality things just didn’t go as planned. 

Or, we describe something as a catastrophe.  

Like when someone shows up late for something – earth shattering huh?

See what I mean?

I want you all to know, that in my blog I don’t use these words lightly.  When I say disaster or catastrophic - it’s just that - I’m saying there is a greater chance than not that someone could be left to fend for themselves if it were to happen.

Events that leave a huge question mark as to outcome.

That is out of our control.

That cannot necessarily be predicted.

And, could make the difference between surviving and not surviving.

Life altering events.

There are so many variables out there that it’s hard not to just throw them all into the ‘disaster/catastrophic pot’ when talking about them.

I’m sure it may get a little confusing at times.  I know it has for me.

What I am talking about is man-made and natural disasters, the economy, social unrest, war and the threat of war. 

Uncertain times.

There are tons of blogs out there for people who are already prepared for surviving these events that share little tid-bits on how to better survive. 

This site is not one of them. 

This is for girls who are more like me, that were clueless to world events and the effect they could have on us. 

This is my way to share what I have learned in hopes of helping another pink high-heel clad girly-girl know what is happening in our world and how to prepare without shucking the dress and purse.

Girly-girl, one break in the chain could mean the end of life as we know it. 

We need to be prepared.

Let me be clear on this – I’m not saying you must live in fear – I’m saying that you need to prepare yourself for whatever event comes our way.

- Survivor Jane

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