Now, now, don't get all excited ladies, I'm not talking about golden as in 'gold accessories’ (ah nuts) … I know, I hear ya!

I am referring to a concept called 'the Golden Horde'.

From what I understand, originally this name was given to Turkicized Mongol Rulers who flourished from the mid 13th century to the end of the 14th century. 

The name has since come to be known in topics of survival as something completely different.

The Golden Horde in survival refers to a migration of people who flee the aftermath of a catastrophic event in search of food, water and shelter in a mass exodus.

This could be from an earthquake, hurricane, an EMP strike, a flood, economic collapse. You name it – anything that totally wipes out our infrastructures.

Mass exodus will most likely occur in cities (much like what happened with Hurricane Katrina).
People will not be prepared in any shape or form for survival.

Most will take to the roads by whatever means available.

If by vehicle, depending on how much gas they have in their tanks versus when gas stations will be sold out will depend on how far they get.

Should the interstates be gridlocked (which I assure you they will be), the alternatives will be highways and what I call 'back roads' or rural and secondary roads.

Have you ever seen an ant farm?  Where ants tunnel in every direction?  

Now think about this.

A city usually has numerous entrances and exists throughout the city to get you around town (east, west, north and south and those directions in between).  At any given time in the normal course of a day there could be hundreds of vehicles on these roads - now add the Golden Horde.

Here’s another scary thought.

Most cities in recent years have turned into megacities - that is - the population is in excess of 10 million people. 10 million? 

Can you imagine 10 million people trying to get out of a city? (Think traffic after a huge concert let's out - and that is usually just a few thousand people!)

It is mind-boggling. 

People walking, driving, pushing/pulling carts,wagons, strollers, shopping carts with whatever belonging they could gather.  All trying to get out of the city to who knows where?

There are so many variables as to how far someone will actually get. 

Some will get to the nearest town.

Some will push on.
Some will get no further than a few blocks from their home.

One thing is for certain though ...

All of these people will be hungry, tired, and thirsty – and eventually angry.

In turn, this will lead them to do desperate things - like loot, steal and yes kill if need be.

Ladies, this is why I stress to always have your 'BOBs’ (Bag of Belongings and Supplies) packed and ready to grab and go.

Have a plan. 

Make a map of routes less traveled (there are always those little unknown ways to get to places - start searching for them now.)

Think about it.

Being part of the Golden Horde will NOT be so golden.

- Survivor Jane


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