Have you ever had someone describe something to you but when you saw it first hand for yourself, it was well -

bigger, smaller, worse, better - than what was described?

The reason I think this happens is because when we hear something, our mind conjures up a picture from our memory banks of what is being said at the time. 

For example, if we've never seen a big lion up close and personal and we are listening to someone describe their experience with a lion; our mind can only guess what the lion actually looked like.  Right?

So when we read all these books and articles about survival and prepping, and what to do and not to do, without any point of visual reference we are merely guessing as to what is actually being said or described.

One of the many ways I have tried to be more prepared is by watching movies about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic events (before and after the event).

Now I know there are a lot of great computer generated graphics to really 'Hollywood' these movies up.  But what I try to do is watch them for what happens in a disaster.  How people react.  What they do to survive. 

Just for some point of reference.

There are tons of topics that we have only read about - but seeing them (at least for me) brings them – well a little closer to home.

There is so much that amazes me in these movies.  Such as what a person will do in desperation. Good person.  Bad person.  Makes no difference.  Human beings are unpredictable in times of stress.

And also the violence.  People will inflict unspeakable harm on one another for the sake of their own survival.

In the past I use to close my eyes during violent scenes while watching one of these movies.  I soon realized that this was counter-productive to me even watching them because this was the reality part more so than say, some of the great computer graphics (or the good looking actor).

I’ll be honest these movies are hard to watch.  They are scary to the point of realizing this could be our world in the near future.   

There are tons of these movies out there.  If nothing else pick one because you like the actor who stars in it to start with – it will make it a lot easier at first.  Once you’ve conditioned yourself a little more to these movies, you can move on to others.

Watch them more for survival skills and how people react in panic situations opposed to the story line.

Consider them well … training tapes. 

To me I don’t foresee some of the issues or conditions I read about happening until, if and when, a catastrophic event occurs. 

But by seeing, hearing and reading about survival, it’s my hope that something will stick in my (little pea-brain) mind and give me some reference to fall back on in the future.

Like I said, it’s more as a conditioning exercise for your mind to better prepare yourself.

Plus you get to eat popcorn while you’re watching!

- Survivor Jane

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